Auditions, Milk Teas, Alcogel, Revelations, Quality Time Bonding

January 23, 2012

Last January 21, 2012, VD Modeling Group conducted a membership auditions, as the manager of the said group, I had to be there to judge applicants along with other VD Modeling Group Executive Committee members; Roxanne Alunan (PRO), Ken Simon, Tonette Marquez, Christine Cruz (Membership Development Officers) , and one of our talents Nicole Garcia. Many people auditioned but only some were accepted.

After the auditions some of my closest friends came ( Kissarine Maranon, Jocel Prado, Edelle Villarey, Michael Gellegani) We went to UniversiTEA (because we all love milk tea) where my dear friend Tonete shared something life changing. For a while me and best friend Christine, sort of separated from the group where we had some serious talk regarding my life's weirdness and confusion.

When Michael and Nicole left, Christine,Ken, Kissa, Jocel, Edelle, Roxy, Tonette and I, all decided to hang out @ UP Diliman's Field. We formed a group circle and played Spin-the-Alcogel (our own version of Spin-the-Bottle), The rules are easy. once the tip of the alcogel points at you, you're going to be asked certain questions that can only be answered by YES/NO, and my God! it was fun! a lot of revelation had been made, some answers are quite expected, some are shocking, and some are just crap (like "Are you the one who farted?").

When tonette left, we stopped playing Spin-the-Alcogel and just lay down the grass, stargazing, while talking about life, and our plans for the future.

How I wish we can do this more often.

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