Back to my Hometown (Baguio)

January 02, 2012

I love going back to where I was born, To where I spent 1/4 of my childhood, Baguio. I remember living there at the age of 2-4 with my ever caring aunt who I call "Mama" and occasionally visiting aunts and uncle. I love going back there not just because of the cold temperature but because of it's untimely aesthetic.

The View From our Hotel Room

So we decided to stay in Baguio for two days and one night, we stayed at this lovely hotel owned by a rich Chinese guy who loves Luxury cars, and has great taste I might add. Hotel Henrico is not that of a luxury hotel, but the rooms are awesome, they are very cozy and big. The fees are not so expensive and the service is very nice, the workers are very hospitable and helpful.

So we ate for diner at Cafe By `The Ruins where the food is absolutely delightful. My mom ordered "pinikpikan" my sister ordered "bagnet" and I ordered this pasta (I forgot the name). Their Drinks are very well blended. but what really won me over are the Onion Bread and Lava Cake

While my mom and my sister went shopping at The Night Market. I stayed in the room all night enjoying the cold temperature, trying on my new profound skill of Light Manipulation to create light graffiti photographs. after they went shopping they bought this huge burger that's about the size of my face. 

On our last day, we went to Burnham Park where my mom and my sister went ziplining or something. Given the fact that I'm extremely afraid of heights I did not join them on the said activity. Instead I went trekking on my own.

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