An Epic Day

February 02, 2012

My Bedan friends Kenen Simon, Sheron Rosero, and Jego Ogues invited us to come and join in the bedan fair. Me, Jocel Prado, Kissarine Maranon, and Patrice Villaraza decided to go and see what's going on.

Entering Beda the first thing that I've noticed are these feastive red and white banderitas. Inside beda there are three rides, the Bungee Ballet Trampauline, The "Achors away" like ride, and the Caterpillar.

We decided to ride the caterpillar just for the sake of it and my oh my, riding their caterpillar feels like your inside a wind tunnel while an earthquake is recuring, and trust me I'm not exagerating.

 After the ride we decided to have a little bite at the snack bar, and primp ourselves a little bit [the caterpillar basically destroyed our hairstyles] 

Since it was too early and the main event (rock fest) starts at 7pm. We decided to go to Rock Band, well to play Rock band and man it was awesome. It was my first time to play rockband, I never actually bothered to try it before since I don't have body coordination, so I sang instead as they play instruments.

  After a while sheron steps in  and did the vocals and I decided to try out playing the bass (because I can actually play the real bass pretty well) which I did find easy and was ranked MOST ENERGETIC at my first try (I'm so proud).

After playing Rock Band Patrice had to leave because of her curfew so Jego decided to acompany her to the LRT while Kenen went back to beda. Me, Kissa and Sheron went to Universitea to have some milk tea.

We went back to beda where we enjoyed this amazing car show. Man it was very entertaining. There are about 20 cars for show.

Some are ugly, some are typical, some are just sports car with awesome painting, and some are just extremely awesome and by awesome i'm talking about bright partylights installed at the back, inside, front of the car.... car paint

.... And huge powerfull speakers that'll blast your ears away

But my favorite is  the Killer horror styled van where the body paint's consists of well known horror movie killers like, Jakson, Freedy, and The Texas Chainsaw guy. There are speakers mounted at the door and a Televission with a cpu connected to it. It's so awesome I could die

I also love this typical red sports car that I'm very envious of.

After the car show, we went to SN@P where we played Marvel Vs. CapCom. Since I'm no good at playing the game, my expert friends Kenen and Jego played while me and Kissarine choose the characters they're going to play.

At exactly 8:30pm we decided to go home and ride the LRT then a bus afterwards. As Ussual bus rides with my friends are never boring. We always talk a lot and destroy each other's lives (hyopothetically of course) 

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