StarWeek 2012: Bagong Benilde

July 17, 2012

De La Salle College of Saint Benilde's anual Star Week 2012 was a blast, the theme was ComicCon and Bagong Benilde decided to incorporate "Despicable Me" into their designated booth. Now for those of you who doesn't know anything about Star Week or Bagong Benilde, listen up.

Star week is a yearly event in CSB where organizations set up their booth so that the students can register to their organization, it's sort of like a recruitment week. Students are allowed to join any organization their heart desires.

As for Bagong Benilde, Bagong Benilde Party or BBP is a political party that stands for Principled Leadership, which encompasses Student Council Visibility, promoting Socio-Political Consciousness, building a Pro-active Benildean Society, creating a New Breed of Politics, performing Genuine Servant Leadership, making Lasallian Education available to everybody, with all of this aiming for one goal: the renewal of one’s Benildean identity for the service of both the Lasallian community and the country.

Last year we were able to recruit 120+ members, this year we were able to recruit 240+ members  with the help of the Sabset. 

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