INTENSITY by Penshoppe

October 28, 2012

Due to my busy schedule and lack of tickets, I was only able to attend one show at the Philippine Fashion Week, Spring-Summer 2013. Lucky enough it was Penshoppe's 2013 Collection, INTENSITY. I have always been an avid fan of the Philippine Fashion Week and all thanks to Ms. Meanne Santos, I was able to get tickets for this year's show.

As always Philippine Fashion Week was held at the SMX Convention Center. Where Penshoppe's show happened at the 2nd Hall. The set was spectacular, the lights were well put, the runway's very well lit and the visuals from the big screens were amazing. The show in general was very entertaining. 

Penshoppe is known for catering to a diverse set of hip and young individuals who loves fun and sophistication combined. This 2013 they're doing just that. Penshoppe presents to us, a wide array of fashionable clothing choices, whether you're a party goer, preppy professional  rockin' performer, or a Jet setter  Penshoppe's got it all for you. Penshoppe definitely respects the individuality and uniqueness of it's customers. 

Unfortunately I was not able to capture many photographs but I hope you enjoy the very few that I have right here. 

INTENSITY by Penshoppe : Philippine Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013

K  H  L  O  E  E      P  A  D  I  L  L  A

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