The Baguio Escape

September 05, 2014

Another THROWBACK post. So this is when Roo, Jeff, Alec, Aaron and I went to Baguio. Again I forgot when. So the first thing that we did is to go to SM Baguio to have a quick bite then headed over to Baguio Techno Hub to have a chill night enjoying the live band and some Strawberry Cake. Afterwards we went to the well known NIGHT MARKET which was fun cuz all of us love to shop

We stayed the night at my aunt Loui's (AKA Tita Wisdom) pad. In the morning she brought us to this place....

Sooo MINESVIEW, the first thing that we did was to enjoy a cup of strawberry taho (only in Baguio) Then visited the igorot village

Ohh and we also had our picture taken with this big fella....

....of course dome shopping....

.... Aaand the mandatory #ootd

 We ended our escapade at the 50's Diner where we had our lunch then head on back to Manaoag to meet my mom. Overall it was an adventure the five of us will never forget.

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