Let It Go

April 28, 2017

The new me comes from the shit 2016 threw at me, and a few realizations throughout that same year. Here are some;

My Body

So I got fat, again, but you know what it know longer bothers me, Im comfortable with my body more than ever. When I used to be skinny, I never saw myself being comfortable with it and the methods I used to achieve it. Yes, I must admit that when I got fat again I got a bit disappointed with myself, but as time grew I learned to love it and here’s how; I loved myself, that’s it, plain and and simple. we just have to love ourselves first before to be able to achieve such level of confidence

My Sexuality

I used to be a bit shy to tell someone Im a part of the LGBTQ Community because I didn’t want to be seen as simply gay, I didn’t want the stereotypes to be attached to me, and be immediately judged based on those stereotypes. But then I realized, why can’t I be the person whose anti stereotype, and show the world that our tribe is not always true to what the stereotypes set us up to be. It is now more than ever that I should start being proud of who I am, as people are becoming more and more accepting of the LGBTQ Community.

My Emotions

Im often times described as a prude or a robot for lacking emotions (except rage), but the thing is I never wanted to show everyone how I feel simply because I believed that power comes from knowing someone’s vulnerable, but I’m far from being right. Sometimes you just need to let it all out, the sadness, the disappointments, the defeat, among many, to enable you, simply enable you to have a healthy mental capacity and strength to get by. Just always do it with the right people cuz, People will always be there to listen to your pain but only your true friend will be there to mend it

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