Mother's Day at Kandle Cafe (Review)

May 14, 2017

I love mother’s day, we get to celebrate the under appreciated heroes of our lives, we may not see it as much but our mom will always come to our aid, build us up, and look over us, to make sure that we grow up as a great human being. 

If you’re feeling happy and successful, thank your mom, when you accomplish something, thank your mom, when you’re gorgeous, thank your mom. So for mother’s day we decided to celebrate it at KANDLE CAFE, which specializes in meticulously brewed and blended coffee, and boasts of amazing food like no other cafe’s got. Let’s get on with the review…

Pumpkin Soup (125php)
Pureed pumpkin blended with chopped malungay leaves

Another typical pumpkin soup, but it was delicious nonetheless. The texture is very velvety which is normal, It’s very creamy, and you can taste everything infused to it. oh and it’s sweet to. This is a win for me.

Monggo Puree Soup (125php)
Pureed red monggo in beef broth poured over on sauteed root vegetables topped with homemade bacon, pork croutons and drizzled with tinapa oil

Here’s something new, the Monggo Puree Soup was indeed delicious, we love it very very much, it’s nutty, garlic-y, and you can totally taste the pork from the puree itself, however we did find ourselves looking for rice hahahaha, maybe this one would be better as a viand, cuz this one’s heavy to the tummy.

Soba (280php)
Fresh green tea infused pasta, chicken karaage, tamago, toasted nori, pickled ginger, shiitake mushroom, raw quail egg in Japanese soy

This one’s good because of the subtle flavor this dish has to offer and the interactivity of it.  it’s like setting up your own pasta, I’d recommend this one though, to those who are not rushing to eat.

Kandle Burger (250php)
100% pure beef patty stuffed with cheesy red pesto, drizzled with red char and green char sauce, sauteed onions, tomatoes & greens, served with purple and orange kamote fries

This burger is delicious, the patty was juicy and tender, there’s a surprise inside the bun, but the burger all together tastes a bit typical. The kamote fries could have been cut just a tiny bit smaller but it’s good also, we love kamote fries.

BBQ Chicken (250php)
Charred chicken bbq marinated in hickory smoke sauce, sprinkled with herb nuts, served with charred corn & greens

Now this one’s my favorite, my partner ordered this and the flavor was just amazing, the mixture of sauces was given at the right amount, I love their barbeque sauce and the chicken was so juicy, I love it.

Salmon (370php)
Pan fried salmon with butter soy black vinegar reduction garnished with crispy onion, marble potato chives & shitake, served with greens

This one’s cooked to perfection, as you can now see, I’m a huge fan of salmon, and this one did not disappoint. The dip was good also, it has a subtle kick of spice. There are plenty of restos out there that serves dry pan fried salmon which erks me a lot since salmon is very expensive, Kandle Cafe has got one of the best salmon dishes I’ve ever tasted. It was moist, and so flavorful. I can eat this all day.



Their food was so good, I love how juicy and tender every protein is, whether chicken, pork, beef or salmon, everything’s cooked to perfection, not to mention each and every dish was plated extremely well. Though some dishes are quite typical in taste, their dishes are very well prepared, compliments to the chef. 

Iced Americano (130php)

This one is served un-sweetened which is PERFECT because you can truly taste the flavor of the coffee beans used to make this concoction, which my sister is a huge fan of. She loves it when her coffee’s brewed and not some artificial crap other cafes pass on as coffee each time you order something iced.

Milkshakes (150-160php)

The milkshakes were good also, We ordered two strawberry milkshakes and one oreo milkshake which are all so good.

The architecture of the entire place is that of a modern zen. I love how organic yet modern the whole place is. not to mention they incorporated nature in every corner of the place. The lighting was perfect, the set up was amazing not many places for customer traffic. 


The interior decors were gorgeous, it’s very pinterest-y and oh so instagramable, to describe, it’s like a mixture of industrial, modern zen, and a bit hipster. The tables and chairs complements the fixtures quite well. They have an indoor dining and al fresco dining. Their al fresco dining has a great view of their zen type garden which is awsm.

They allow pets at the al fresco area which is always a plus for me. 

It’s the perfect place for every occasion, whether it’s a date, birthday, reunions, working lunch, study sessions, and what not. the place is very warm and hospitable in itself

The staff were very friendly and very attentive, this one server in particular even helped me take great photos when I asked her to pour the soup a little bit slower so I can capture it in action and she was so friendly about it.

The owners were very hands on, they interacted with us quite often, they are asking how we were doing, if the food was alright, if we are comfortable, they even petted my dogs which was so sweet. Oh oh and one of the owners even helped us to get out of the parking lot. I don’t know if this is a regular thing, that they come to the cafe and check on the welfare of their customers, or it was just a nice coincidence, but I wish more restaurant owners were like them.

I give this cafe a rating of 4.5/5 which I think is my highest rating thus far. I love the food, I love the ambiance, the staff were great. the only downside I can think of (and trust me I’m simply nit-picking) is the lack of that “mind blown” experience. BUT THIS PLACE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NONETHELESS

My mom loved our visit here and it makes us very happy to see her happy.

Kandle Cafe
13 Mother Ignacia Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines
0998 276 1571


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