Baguio Week! Sneak Peak

May 21, 2017

So for the whole week I'll be covering me and my friend's entire christmas party trip to my hometown, Baguio City. There are so many things to talk about so I decided to split them up into different articles, I'll also include some places that I've been on in Baguio which are excluded on our trip, but mostly it focuses on this particular trip. These are simply guides to help you decide on your itinerary shall you set forth in Baguio

this is us waiting for our friends at our meet up place getting ready to travel

Me and Jeff at our stop over for some lunch

Since my aunt who lives there was out of town and her partner does not like to entertain guests we decided to rent a transient apartment which was a completely bad experience by the way. It's also my first time to rent a transient apartment in baguio since usually I stay at my aunts house. Everything was fine and well at first, the apartment has two bedrooms, it was clean, there's a working kitchen, and a spacious living room. We didn't mind that the location of the apartment was too far from city life, then the frickin owner of the transient apartment tried but failed to milk more money out of us by forcing us to stay two more hours and paying the extension fee which she claims is 500 per hour, but the rules and regulations in the contract says 150 per hour extension. Good thing none of my friends were willing to budge and we did not give in to her forcing us to stay two more hours.

Like I said earlier we celebrated our christmas party there so we bought, Snow cake (700php?) spaghetti from Jolibee (200php) chicken from Andoks (270php) burger from 50s dinner, some hotdogs, strawberry liquor (cuz baguio) and Kissa cooked Humba! 

NOW! Let's get into the good stuff!

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