Diplomat Hotel, Eerily Beautiful

May 25, 2017

Diplomat is tagged as one of the most haunted places in the Philippines, known for various ghost sightings and has been featured in horror films such as “Diplomat Hotel” and Halik sa Hangin. 

During World War II, the people fleeing from the Japanese forces, sought refuge within its walls. However they were later on discovered and the Japanese invaded the property and turned it into their headquarters, making it as the last bastion and garrison of the Japanese Imperial Army. Their secret police known as the Kempeitai, committed barbaric acts in the place such as torturing, raping, and decapitating priests, nuns, as well as refugees. During the liberation of the Philippines in April 1945, the American forces bombed the place and partially hit the right wing of the building while Japanese forces committed suicide. Between 1945-1947, the building underwent restoration.

It used to be an abandoned structure atop Dominican Hill Baguio but is now undergoing rehabilitation through the efforts of the city government. The whole property on which it stands has been renamed as the Dominican Heritage Hill and Nature Park. A panoramic view of the city unfolds from its vantage point, the stone crucifix on the outdoor patio of the hotel's second floor.

Now we went here, because we recently discovered that the infamous Diplomat Hotel is now accepting rental function areas for events, which made me so happy because, the Diplomat hotel is the perfect site to have my own future pinterest-y wedding. So we checked it out. 

Well isn't this a perfect pre-nup photo hahaha

Baguio inaugurated two new function halls in the hotel as part of the development of Baguio Dominican Heritage Hill and Nature Park as a preserved heritage site and to promote tourism, but also retains its ghostly past as part of history. The halls could be rented for P200 an hour or P2,000 a day for weddings, trainings and workshops among others.

The place, like what the title of this article implodes, is Eerily Beautiful , everything, including two grand fountins were well preserved, and the left wing of the hotel, remains as it was. the right wing however has been reconstructed to a gorgeous function halls. at the back of the hotel is a garden, and a beautiful view, overlooking what remains of baguio’s gorgeous forests. 

We had a lot of fun touring and taking pictures and we decided to end the day chowing down on strawberry ice cream and playing around. 

Photo Credits to Bi-Ann Luistro one of my favorite instagramers, check her out here


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