DIY Romantic Date

May 04, 2017

Me and my long time partner has always been busy, me with my law school and him with his work, It all seems like we have quite ample time to go on dates, celebrate monthsaries or even valentines day.

So we threw a little romantic date in our apartment, which goes to show that you dont need much money or time to keep the romantic spark alive.

In planning a romantic date always remember these three essential things;
1. Food
2. Setting the Mood
3. Comfy Place
4. A little activity
5. Alcohol


Let's start with food. It is imperative that the food you're going to serve is something that is up to the liking of the both of you. It is also noteworthy to think of your location when planing your menu. A date that is set indoors requires to have both extremes of the spectrum, what I mean by this is you're either going formal (like a course meal) or something too casual like popcorn, snacks, chocolate or fondue. If it is outdoors, preferably go for light food, like pasta, burgers, etc.

Here's what we had...

Pumpkin Soup

Tuna Pesto

Honey Mustard Buffalo Wings with Sour Cream Baby Potatos

for dessert: Mango Silvanas Ala Mode


Dim lights is the key to setting the mood, if you're at a place where diming the lights is not an option, like outside during night time or indoors where the light modes goes only two ways, (on and off) use candles or string lights to give it that extra romantic vibe

Say hi to Jeff hahaha. Here I already installed a set of christmas lights above my bed and a fabric to lessen the intensity of the light

This is sooo important, you wouldn't want to ruin the mood by having you and your partner be uncomfortable for hundreds of minutes. NEVER EVER settle for a romantic scene at the cost of comfort, a classic example of this would be dating at the back of a pick up truck, while stargazing, sounds AWSM right? WROOONG the metal parts and the dirtiness of the back of a truck is something that turns people off, HOWEVER if you're up for it, you should clean it first then stuff it with a lot of pillows anything that can make the back of a truck as comfy as possible.
Do something, talk about something, watch something, the possibilities are endless. You can watch a movie on the TV and snuggle all night long, or stargaze while listening to music. or better yet, sweep him or her off his or her feet by randomly stopping in the middle of nowhere, play some music, a do a little slow dance. JUST BE CREATIVE, and look for things the both of you enjoys

5. Alcohol
A little alcohol goes a long way, and nope it's not the "kapag may alak may balak" and trying to see the use of alcohol very maliciously. Why this is essential is simply because it helps two love birds lossen up a bit and become very tight with one another. My recommendation would always be wine, just because of it's inherent sophistication and you wont get drunk that easily

Top Pick: Gossips Wine (below 500php)

SO I hope this helps in planning your next date, always remember that it doesnt have to be expensive to make something special, you just need to put a little effort and let your creativity run it's course

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