Fat Russel's Kitchen, so Good, so Bitchin'

May 21, 2017

My friends and I decided to get a much deserve break from all of the work and school stress, so we planned a little get together, faced with the dreaded question “saan tayo?” we started doing our research. Then it crossed my mind that Last month, on the way home with my friend, on a path less travelled, but suggested by waze to evade traffic, we came upon Fat Russel’s Kitchen, and we simply fell inlove with the look of it and told each other that one day we must try that resto. And so we did.

The sign says it all..

Fat Russel’s Kitchen describes themselves as "A place where you can eat good food and hang out with friends. We offer good service with friendly staff and good ambiance.” and they succeeded in delivering just that. Located at 21 Sct Castor, South Triangle, Quezon City. Fat Russel’s Kitchen is one of the many hidden gems in Quezon City which I believe should get a lot more hype than what it currently has. So without further blahs, Let me introduce to you, Fat Russel’s Kitchen…

Nachos (225.00)
The Nachos are good, the dressing tastes well, the dip was light and perfect for the heavily loaded dressing. the meat, cheese, tomatoes was rationed well with the nacho chips which is awesome. Although I must say that there has been inconsistencies, We accidentally ordered two Nachos, the first one that came out had basil and other garnishes on top while the second one did not have any greens at all, but that’s just with the plating.

Bacon Pesto Egg Pizza (230.00)
Everyone in our table who tasted it loved it. The cheese is so creamy and the bacon was incorporated handsomely throughout the entire dish. The crust was perfect, it was soft yet crunchy at the bottom which for me is the perfect pizza crust. Though the only downside to this is that, I didn’t entirely understand the purpose of incorporating the egg, it seemed like it was just added there for the design, it does not add anything to the flavor or taste of the Pizza.

Truffle Pasta
This one is good, it’s perfectly moist, very light, fluffy, and creamy. It has that smokey taste that I like,  Although the smokey taste was kind of too overwhelming for my liking but it was good nonetheless.

Tomato Basil Pasta 
To simply describe this dish, it’s pesto with tomato sauce, and fresh tomatoes. It was delicious no doubt, and the flavors are on point. We’re loving how the basil overpowers the other spices.

Laing Chicken Cordon Bleu
It’s something new, It’s a fusion of Swiss (Cordon Bleu) and Filipino (Laing) Cuisine, so we were intrigued and tried it. The verdict? it was so good. The laing blends in well with the cheese through every bite, the coating/breading of the entire dish was done exquisitely. The sauce complemented the whole dish. It was seasoned perfectly well, which came as a surprise to me because I thought “oh this will be a very salty dish, the cheese will be salty, the laing will be salty” but I was very wrong, and has never been so happy to be wrong. Overall this is very delicious, like no doubt my favorite out of all this dishes, kudos to the chef.

Spicy Spareribs (175.00)
This one is abit too typical, We were disappointed with this one, my partner ordered this hoping to get a spicy sparerib, unfortunately it was neither spicy nor delectable, it was too hard that we didn’t even bother anymore with this one.

Angus Beef Belly (230.00)
It was well done, and as expected was very tender and juicy, although it sort of lacks in spices, and a bit bland but the gravy helps i suppose

Grilled Lamb Steak (320.00)
Like the Angus Beef Belly we ordered this one well done, and it was definitely tender and juicy, the spices blended well and it tastes so good even without the gravy which is a hallmark of every perfect steak. 

Salpicao (240.00)
This one’s a bit too chewy and the peppery. It tastes good, but I would have to say that the pepper was overwhelming the other spices

Baked Oyster (230.00)
I love this dish, I’m a huge fan of seafood, and this one did not disappoint, It was a little bit typical i must admit, however what sets it slightly apart from other baked oysters that I’ve tasted, is the way they maintained the seasalt water inside of the oyster that definitely blended well with the incorporated creamy, buttery cheese on top. Though I wish it was plated better.

In it’s entirety, and as a cheese lover, I must recognize the cheese they incorporated in some of the dishes and how it was light and fluffy and well sourced it was, some restos would have these salty cheese that overpowers the dish, but Fat Russel’s have the perfect cheese for everything. The food definitely has it’s high and low points, some have typical tastes, and others are just mind blowing-ly good. Our favorite is definitely the Laing Chicken Cordon Bleu, our least favorite is definitely the spicy spareribs 

Ok so aside from the readily available drinks like andy cola, wine, beers and what not, (Yes, Fat Russel's is also a place of drinking with friends) We ordered the cucumber lemonade, Lychee Freeze, Strawberry Freeze and White Russian. We didn't order much alcholic drinks besides those I've mentioned but we're so going back to taste the cocktails very soon, but for the time being, I can only give a review for the beverages that we ordered there; the Cucumber Lemonade, Lychee Freeze, Strawberry Freeze and White Russian. 

I swear the paparazzi wont stop chasing us, Hahahaha Just Kidding this was totally staged.

The Cucumber Lemonade and White Russian was sooo good, it was so refreshing, but I couldn't say the same with the Strawberry and Lychee Freeze, it was definitely artificial flavored, and you all know how I hate artificially flavored fruit drinks, however I definitely liked the attention to details that Fat Russel's got, because the Freeze drinks was served in a bulb-like glass, which is common, BUT here it fits perfectly with the aesthetics of the entire place and not a simple move of just following trends. Speaking of aesthetics.....

I’m loving this industrial vibe Fat Russel’s Kitchen’s got. The raw style and steely profile is absolutely marvelous.  It combines authenticity with simplicity which brings about the eccentric look that showcases several different components without losing its character or charm. 

Everything just flows together in a harmoneous way, from the concrete unpainted wall, to the aged wood fixtures, the exposed pipes and vintage bulbs, up to the the wall decors and the seating options everything just comes together perfectly

The wall decors were just amazing and the wall arts are to die for. I love this tubes and bulb decor so much that I was actually thinking of DIYing one for my bedroom. 

They have indoor dining, and al fresco as well, this place is perfect for bonding with your friends and family.

I could not complain about the staff here, they were very hospitable and smiles all the time, we were a large group so as expected the servers will get a bit stressed out, but I have to hand it to them, they did still manage to give us a great  and speedy service.

Upon being seated to a table we reserved, and OMG they reserved us one of the best seats in the indoor dining. One of the staff came to us and introduced himself as our waiter for the day which a lot of restos no longer do, and another waiter approached us helping us make our decision as to which are their best sellers and which had the most servings to accommodate our large group which I think was awesome

Although we did have this funny moment prior to our dining when I called up to reserve a table, the person I was speaking through the phone asked for the time and number of diners, but forgot to ask for my name. However he did call back and asked for my name anyways. but this is just a white mistake every human being does so I’m not taking it out on them.

PS: Special thanks to my dear friends who helped me with this blog, from left to right we have: Michael, Brent, Sheron, Iris, Kissa, Pat, Me, Jeff, and Simon

We did have a wonderful time at Fat Russel’s Kitchen, the dining is pleasant none-the less, and we left there feeling satisfied and bloated, so I’m giving them a 4/5 

Fat Russel's Kitchen

11 Scout Castor South Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City
Open M-Sun 4pm-11pm
Call +639178330560 for reservations
Check out their FB Page


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