B&P Meets Hungry Me

June 14, 2017

I’m inlove with breakfast food, if I can I would eat one for the rest of my life. Luckily we found B&P All Day Breakfast which is a casual dining restaurant that offers a modern take on well-loved breakfast specialties. B&P is quite famous specially the Ortigas and Mckinley branch, but not a lot knows about their Il Terrazzo Mall branch which is conveniently located in Tomas Morato.

Again we booked our table via booky and was able to enjoy a 500php off discount from B&P. Joined by my good friends Iris and Ken, and my partner Jeff, We now look to B&P to satisfy our cravings…

Salmon Hash and Eggs (280php)
Salmon and bell peppers with two poached eggs and fries

I was very critical with this one since seafood is kinda my thing, and I was impressed. The salmon is cooked well, very moist and seasoned well, the poached egg is cheesy. It’s basically magic, when eaten together. It’s my first time to eat both salmon and egg together and boy was I mind blown and I’m no longer going to mention the fries as it ruins my feedback of this dish

Bistek Bangus Belly (195php)
Pan-fried bangus belly, adobo rice, choice of egg and pickled relish

Another seafood that we ordered was the Bistek Bangus Belly, This one tastes good, however the fish was overcooked and burnt. We ordered this with the scrambled egg which was fluffy but lacks seasoning. The adobo rice was good tho, that’s the one redeeming factor of this dish.

Crab and Tuna Top (195php)
Crab meat and tuna soft omelette drizzled with soy aioli and steak rice

This one we liked, there’s a certain je ne sais qua to it. The crab meat and tuna omelette are seasoned well, although the tuna kinda overpowers it, but that’s fine, there’s a certain sweetness to it from the corns and the rice is kinda good. 

Meatloaf Surprise (280php)
A rich medley of pork, beef, raisins and egg. served with garlic rice and sunny side egg

This one’s our favorite amongst all the dishes we tried. You can really taste the different meats incorporated into it, and the flavor simply explodes in your mouth which is so awesome. One thing tho, they forgot to add the egg when they served it to us, but we’ll get to that later. The only downside to this is that the meat, as you can see is burnt.

Pesto Cream with Crispy Chicken (285php)
Linguine in pesto cream topped with beer battered chicken served with grilled focaccia 

Ok, we were simply disappointed with this one, to the extent that we ended up eating only the crispy chicken which was not and should not be the highlight of this dish, trust me, I know my pastas. The pesto cream was simply bland, I don’t know, and can’t even tell if it had any seasonings to it, it was that bland. 

Tripple Decker  (250php)
Three Pancakes layered with a choice of spread

For a restaurant that specializes in breakfast food, you are expected to cook pancakes well. The pancake tastes good, it was fluffy and moist however, upon removing the nutella spread (so that we can taste the pancake alone without the spread) we’ve uncovered that the pancake is burnt, like the top part of the pancake is literally black. 

The Drinks

This one did not disappoint, we ordered Lime Lemon Mango Cooler, Lime Celery Pandan, Strawberry Berry and Choco Loco and we loved it. 

There was this instance where the meatloaf surprise, in their own description, had sunny side eggs, but when the food arrived it did not have any, Ken, who ordered it pointed it out to the server, and the server claimed that the egg was incorporated to the meatloaf itslef, although it was very clearly stated in the description of the dish that it comes with a sunny-side egg, we decided to just let go and let them be, but upon much discussion between the server and the cook, they brought us the sunny-side egg and apologized for the incident. 

I couldn’t complain much about the staff because of their friendly and approachable nature, I was willing to look past the incident as they were very gracious with it.

Their place is perfect for their “all day breakfast” theme. The resto is very vibrant with a pop of color here and there, it’s spacious also and it feels so homey 

They have one of those hipster, pinterest-y vibe with upcycled looking furnitures, hip statement wall decor that has quotes to live-by and all this green center pieces

I'm loving this dog salt and pepper shaker, I want one!

The lightness and airy feel of the room can make any person who walks in feel energized and awake, and the pastel colors are the perfect addition to this very light room

I give this restaurant a 2.5/5  because of the burnt food, again considering that we were the only people dining at the time, they had much time to get the food perfectly done. Their only redeeming qualities would have to be their drinks, the staff and the ambiance. 

B and P
2/F IL Terrazzo Mall, 305 Tomas Morato Ave cor Sct Madriñan, South Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City


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