5ynco's Dessert and Cocktail Combo

July 04, 2017

For those of you who, like me, are huge fans of 2 Broke Girls and are looking for a place where you can get those iconic dessert cocktails, well 5ynco’s got it. 5ynco Bar is probably my newest favorite place to chill, It’s located at Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City.

We were looking for a great place to chill and relax after a whole day of working and studying and we stumbled upon 5ynco which I discovered via Phonebooky, and we love this place. 5ynco boast of class and sophistication for the modern young urban professionals (or the "YUPpies") So, without further spoiling this article, let’s get on with the review….

5ynco has these, what they call “cocktails with a twist” that tastes absolutely good and packs quite a punch, long story short, don’t be deceived by their sweet tasting cocktails, as you’re sure to leave the place a little tipsy with just one drink.

Livin Lavida Mocha (220php)
Vodka, averna, orange, kahlua, bailey’s, dark choco, topped with whipped cream

this one taste’s absolutely divine  very refreshing, and the mix of orange, chocolate and alcohol was done perfectly.

Chi Chi’s Cookies (235php)
Freshly baked cookies, bailey’s, frangelico, chocolate

this one’s for those who has a sweet tooth and an alcoholic esophagus, if that makes sense, hahaha. The drink is basically sweet, and they did not hold back on the alcohol which is a good thing people. It’s served with the most scrumptious cookie I have ever tasted on any bar before.

Manila’s Finest (250php)
Ube Halaya, Lanka Syrup, Milk and Bacardi White

The ube flavor on this one is quite overwhelming but we’re not complaining. A unique cocktail no doubt, a must try if you’re feeling adventurous.

Great Sling of Beijing  (240php)
Bacardi Gold, Parmesan Syrup and Milk

It tastes like a subtle take on a white russian cocktail, I'm not a huge fan of this as much as I love all the others, but it's definitely for those with a certain taste.


Nach.o Fast! (280php)
Nacho chips topped with ground beef, cheese, olives, salsa and jalapenos

What's a drinking sesh without some bar chow? Now we have only tasted this on their vast selection of bar chows but we're looking forward to taste more as this one did not disappoint

 Classy and Sophisticated are the two words that would best describe this place. From the chic and clean cut furnitures up to the exquisite wall decors, intimate setting and dim lighting, it’s perfect for everyone who wants to have an intimate place to catch up with friends, relax after a hard day’s work, or even a romantic get together with that special someone.

Their wall decor are to die for, they have a huge painting by the entrance, next to a collage of mirrors hanging on a clean white wall and on the adjacent side is an exposed brick wall  with a dear head, books on display and that neon sign, which Im sure will go viral on instagram

Their wine for the day are displayed in a glass case, and all the bottles of liquor at the bar are well lit and are displayed perfectly. They have an al fresco area for those who loves to puff that cigarette while sipping their alcohol. One thing tho, the place is quite small and the seating capacity is quite limited

The staff were hospitable and holds conversations with you which for me is very much welcoming. Upon entering we were immediately oriented of what they have for that day, what their best sellers are, and gave suggestions based on what we want on our drink.

One of the servers even helped me out to get the lighting right for us to be able to get a well lit photo, as I was not able to bring my SLR and we had to rely on our devices to capture our vices. It’s quite refreshing to have bartenders be that accommodating which I highly applaud.

5ynco’s got everything that I like on a chill night at a bar. The lovely staff, the relaxed ambiance and their awesome cocktails, I have not much to complain except for the small space but hey I’m feeling generous and I’ll give them a rating of 4.5/5 

5ynco Bar
2 Scout Dr. Lazcano Street Corner Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City
02 2469069 ext:548


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