Travel Guide: Bantayan Island

July 27, 2017

Bantayan Island is one of the most sought after island by travel junkies, because of it's pristine beaches and awesome activities. This island is located in the Visayan SeaPhilippines.The island group includes numerous smaller islands (some uninhabited or uninhabitable), mostly around the southwest corner of the island. So for all of you looking to have a fun getaway, here's a guide to Bantayan Island. 

Land Tour

Land tours are abundantly offered around the island, and are not so hard to find. However what differs here is the price offer so make sure to haggle your way to a cheap deal. Reasonable price would go around 1k-1.5k, try your best to stick with that range as some of the places of visit have entrance fees that range from 50-100php each. Locations like Nature Park, Saints Peter and Paul Parish Church, Cliff Diving, Mangroves, and Caves are only some of stops of the land tours

Renting a motorcycle for around 350-450php or a bike for 130-200php is also an option, If you’re a DIY kind of person I suggest you go into google maps and navigate your way around the island yourself. (there’s a good cell site there too)


Island Hopping

Like land tours, Island hopping are usually offered along side land tours. Reasonable price would go around 1.5k-2k. Islands like the infamous Virgin Island and the “Camp Sawi” shooting location are only some of the prime spots of island hoping in said island. Also take note that some islands require an environmental fee around 60-200php


You can never go wrong with bumming on the beach, Bantayan Island boasts of pristine beaches and clear waters, so whether you decide to sunbathe with your favorite cocktail on the side, making sand castles or dipping on the ocean, you can never go wrong with Beachin'

Food Trip 

Since the island is sort of remote there’s only a few or limited choices of restaurants you can go to and dine. Luckily some resorts has got you covered and man some of these resorts have extremely delicious food.

Cliff Diving

Here’s one for the thrill seekers, cliff diving is a must try at bantayan Island, with it’s picturesque scenery and amazingly clear waters, you’re sure to love and enjoy this activity

(Photo taken from Jelly's Haven Resort's FB Account)

Jelly’s Haven Resort
C Batiancila St.Pooc Sta Fe Bantayan Island 
+639-954-539-075  09274402092
Room rate starts at 2,500php

Jelly's Haven Resort is your beachfront in breathtaking Sta Fe, that give you a blissful retreat and the powdery white sand & crystal blue waters.


(Photo taken from Coucou Bar Hotel and Restaurant's Website)

Coucou Bar Hotel and Restaurant
Batobalonos Street, Poblacion Santa Fe, Bantayan Island
(032) 438 9385
Room rate starts at 1,200php

CouCou Lodge was built in 2009 by Riezel (Filipina) and Denis Geairain (Belgian), with a view of high quality and warm welcome. This is a family hotel, with 10 rooms, only.

(Photo taken from Amihan Beach Cabana's Website)

Amihan Beach Cabanas
A. Batobalonos St. 6047 Bantayan Island
Room rate starts at 3,000php

Amihan Beach Cabanas is a small and private resort directly in the center of Santa Fe. Our native designed cabanas are made of bamboo and local materials combined with a western touch on our room amenities. The cabanas are equipped with a queen size bed, air conditioning (optional), ceiling fan, cable TV, bathroom with hot and cold-water shower, refrigerator, 32spm of living area inclusiv a terrace with sea view and free WiFi.

(Photo taken from Anika Island Resort's Website)

Anika Island Resort
F. Roska St., Brgy. Okoy Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island
(+63 32) 438-9073
Room rate starts at 1,700php

The resort offers a restaurant with a wide variety of menu. Enjoy the complimentary high-speed wireless Internet access while lounging at the beach, dining at the restaurant or at the veranda of each rooms. A round trip port transfer is complimentary to guests (available on request). Bringing in your own car? No problem, as onsite self parking is available for free.

(Photo taken from Kota Beach Resort's Website)

Kota Beach Resort
F. Duarte Street, Poblacion Santa Fe, Bantayan Island
+63 956 276 4410
Room rate start at 1,000php

Kota Beach Resort is located in Sta. Fe beach, Bantayan IslandCebu Philippines, and known for its white sands, a curved shoreline and affordable accommodations. Fronting the resort is one of the best stretches of white sand in the Santa Fe beach area.  Aside from the basic services offered by Kota Beach Resort, such as free pick-up from Sta. Fe Port (between 8am - 5pm only), one can make arrangements for boating and kayaking, as well as massage or reflexology services.

It’s not hard to find delicious food in Bantayan Island as some hotels and restaurants has got you covered, but if you’re looking for a resto outside your resort of choice, here are some of the well known restos in Bantayan Island

(Photo taken from Bantayan Burito Company's FB Account)

Bantayan Burito Company
MJ SquareSanta Fe, Cebu, Philippines
0977 829 3704
Price Range: 55-175php per dish

Fresh local products, prepared by a real chef. Burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, cold beer & margaritas

(Photo taken from Ale Pasta Basta's FB Account)

Ale Pasta Basta
0921 477 3719
Price Range: 120-280php per dish

Ale Pasta Basta is a place where you can have delicious handmade pastas and pizzas prepared by Italian Chef Alessandro, who have long experienced working as a Chef in place like London, some part of Europe, Middle East, Asian countries and USA.

(Photo taken from HR Music Bar and Native Restaurant's FB Account)

HR Music Bar and Native Restaurant
Mixed International and Native
Poblacion Sta Fe Bantayan Island
0949 710 3442
Price Range: 140-365php per dish

Hr Music Bar and Native Restaurant is located at Poblacion Sta Fe Bantayan Island Cebu that serves imported alcoholic drinks and local as well. Specializes in international and native cuisine

(Photo taken from Hella's Taverna's FB Account)

Hella’s Taverna
0917 453 0964
Price Range: 90-650php per dish

Authentic Greek cousine cooked by Chef Michael Syntichakis with 36 years experience in the Greek Mediterranean cousine welcomes you to o enjoy his culinary creations.


  • There’s no direct airway to Bantayan Island, the closest you can get is through Cebu, so if you’re not from Cebu, commercial airlines offer various trips going to Cebu. 

  • Once you’ve reached Mactan Airport, ride a cab or get an uber directly to the NORTH BUS STATION (this will cost around 130-200php depending on traffic). 

  • There, you’ll find a bus ready to leave for BANTAYAN ISLAND, last ride is at 12mn (this will cost you 200php)  this will take around 3-4hrs depending on traffic.

  • About 80% of your bus trip, you’ll be asked to alight the bus to transfer to a ferry, don’t fret, It’s a normal process so you can pay the fees (160php for the ferry and 10php for environmental fee) and ride a ferry to Sta. Fe Port. 

  • Once there you will continue your trip to Bantayan Town proper. And you will be dropped of at said location, hail a cab and tell them where you’ll be staying, this will cost 20php per person


  • People sometimes hire a private car or a cab to get to Bantayan Island, (Proceed at your own risk, some taxi drivers will keep on forcing the idea of hiring a cab and will ask you to pay around 1,000php to 2,000php and and will continue to ask you for extra charges)

Getting to Bantayan Island is quite an adventure and a bit of a tedious process, full of ride transfers and many hours of travel, but it sure is worth it. From the magnificent views, relaxing leisures and exciting activities, Bantayan Island is your go to place


*disclosure not all photos used here are mine, some were retrieved from the businesses themselves

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