Like a Virgin Island

August 11, 2017

Virgin Island has one of the pristine beaches the Philippines boasts. It is a privately owned island that is open for the public (atleast the beach front is, as the do not allow people to roam around the entire island.) Like most of the Bantayan beaches, the island features fine white sand and crystal clear waters.

Virgin island is well staffed with life guards, waiters, cooks, boatmen and alike. The Island also has many activities and amenities within, some of which are snorkeling, swimming and fish feeding, you can also do a little food trip or drinking sesh from their restaurant or bring your own food and drinks, you can also bask in the sun for a little relaxing peace and quiet time. 

Going there is easy, [CHECK OUT OUR TRAVEL TO BANTAYAN ISLAND] Once you’re in Bantayan Island, you can consult with the locals there, but it’s far safer to consult the resort staff to which you are currently lodging, on where you can rent a boat to said Island. 

Boat rides will cost around 1,000-1,800php so make sure you haggle your way to a cheaper fare

Virgin island is absolutely magnificent, with it’s gorgeous features and serene atmosphere it’s truly a blessing for a metro kid like me to have gone there, It's a complete rest and more from the metro life that I’m so used to. It’s must for all travel junkies out there

Travel Notes

  • The Island is well suited and is better visted with a large group as going there might be too expensive for a single person or a couple to carry 
  • Bring as much as stuff as you can as products there like water, snacks, drinks, and food can be a bit more expensive than usual. Snorkeling rentals are just as expensive as buying your own, Snorkeling masks are available at their markets for around 50-200php a pair depending on the quality of course
  • Wear heavy duty sunscreen as the sun is scorching and can really damage your skin. 
  • Be responsible with your trash, like come on, it’s common courtesy to pick up your trash and keep the island as clean as was when you arrived
  • Some boatmen offer to cook your food for you while you go about your day in the island, you can also rent grill at the island, you may also split the rent with another group to save you half the cost


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