Make My Room Instagramable (Room Makeover)

September 30, 2017

Full disclaimer before you read along, this makeover was not an overnight thing, We got this house when I just graduated from college so obviously I don't have the luxury of money to turn my room exactly the way I wanted it to be in an instant. My room / home office has definitely gone a long way from the bare and boring, all my stuff on the floor, no chair home office, re-purposed furniture, and decor-less room, to what it is now.

Now that I've gotten it to look exactly how I wanted it to look, organized all my stuff, added some much needed decor, bought some furnitures and DIYed my way into a pinterest worthy room, I would love to share to you what I did to make my room instagramable.

This article is not to brag about my room but rather to help others get their room together just like what I did. At the "After" section I have tips on how to make your room instagramable!


My dad took the photo while I was sleeping (good thing my face was covered cuz trust me, I am not a sleeping beauty). So quick intro, a have a very long room, and I asked the painter to paint my room half light gray and half dark gray but failed as he painted 2 sides gray and 2 sides white.

What's problematic about this situation, though it looks tidy and polished, is the lack of furnitures. During this time, like literally all my clothes, DIY tools and what not are shoved inside the cabinet of my small walk in closet like a sardine can, most of my stuff are on the floor, I don't have a place to sit and work, my shoes are all over the place and it looks so boring and bare. 

Here's the beginning of my home office, fun fact: that table was the first piece of furniture that I specifically wanted for this room.

Day 640

Fast forward to 2 years, while my room started to have purpose, more storage and character, some furnitures such as this one started to deteriorate, and I just keep acquiring stuff that eventually piled up (I'm not a hoarder I swear.)

"It doesn't look that bad" one might say, but if you put into perspective that I do all my interview, meetings, etc. via skype or facetime with those pile of bags and gasoline store knick knacks on the background making me look like some kind of hoarder to my clients, affiliates and sponsors then you'd understand why this is problematic.

 Every possible surface in my room was filled with random stuff that I didn't really need, and it was just plainly disorganized

Now that you've seen how my room was, let's get on with the tips on how to better decorate your room and make it more instagramable.

First thing that I did was to sort through all of my stuff, for things that are of no use to me anymore, and just threw it away or donated some. Once you've done this, you'll be amazed at how much more space you'll have for your other stuff. Then I got to organizing, finally my mini walk in closet is just filled exclusively with clothes and all my DIY stuff are organized neatly at the shelf behind my desk

Next, I got to redecorating, don't worry I'd be happy to share where I got some of it, like those small canvases I got from SM Department Store Stationary Section for only 150php each and that foldable table tray my sister got for me from Wellworth Furniture Section for about 450php

I sticked with the color scheme of blue, white, gray and black for the entire room.

TIP: using the same color scheme for a room will give the illusion of being minimalistic (even though it is not) and it'll make the room look less misorganized.

This is one of my bedside tables, the other one has a framed picture of me and jeff, and this one I really like cuz of all the random knick knacks I have here while keeping it useful. 

Now you might be wondering why I have the Earring Tree, I bought from Daiso, in my bedside table, it's because sometimes when I go to bed, I tend to forget to remove my earring, then take it off while in bed and just place it anywhere. This way I can just put my earring where it belongs while I'm in my bed haha.

The small cactus I got from Daiso as well, and the elephant figurine was an upcycled toy (I have the DIY tutorial for that right here!), The silver vase was a souvenir from Singapore.

TIP: It's good to have decor pieces that are actually useful, just like my earring tree right there, that way your table will look cute and is actually functional. Plus it's a cute space saver.

As for my entertainment console, I upcycled it by painting a faux marble texture on the surfaces (I have that DIY tutorial right here!) and covered the DVD area with a stock fabric. (cuz seriously who uses a DVD player these days) 

I got the Ceramic Deer Head from Heart and Soil Ph IG for about 600php. The baskets I bought from SM Hypermarket and if I remember correctly I got it while it was on sale for about 250php. The fake plants was assembled stuff I got from Divisoria.

Here's my home office now, It's definitely more alive, and less crowded than before. The key to a tidy office is a nice organizing skill and a lot of color scheming, those cookbooks I had near the window before are all stocked in that new gray box I got from Expressions for 100php. I specifically got the gray box cuz it blends right in the walls and does not in anyway look like a bulky box.

TIP: It's nice to have some sort of "pop of color" come out of neutral colored spaces for that extra umpf to your room and not just boring neutrals that can easily fall out of taste in time.As you can see from the photo above and below, I added blue place mats all over my gray desk and that pineapple bellow is just a random surprise.

This is the mantle of my home office, just like my console I painted it with faux marble texture, and placed random knick knacks on top, like the surprise burst of yellow from the light up pineapple from Casa Plateria IG. Faux planters, picture frame, and tin canisters are all from Daiso (all items are priced at 88php.

TIP: having random knick knacks is now a staple of being instagramable and has made waves over pinterest nowadays. To make this work, and I could not stress it enough, is to stick with a color scheme and a theme, that way it'll look more cohesive rather than a random mess.

This is now the backdrop of all my business video calls. I love it cuz it reveals my entire personality in one space, it paints me as a dog loving - pineapple eating - eco conserving - rhino something - travel seeking - art creating - faithfull partner - family oriented - well acquainted - law student WOOH! hahahaha 

While it's nice to follow fads and trends, it's even better if your room reflects who you are as a person and not just someone who confides with what's IT in the world. All decors that I used has a meaning to me or at least reflects what I like, and who I am as a person. My room basically caters to everything I need all in one place, a place to rest, a place to study/work, a space to DIY, a space to think, a place to get entertained and a place to take great photos.

I hope that in my own little narcissistic way I was able to help give you all an idea on how to redecorate your room to make every corner instagramable. If you want my opinion on how to redecorate your room you can DM me on instagram, that's @KhloeePadilla, a photo of your room and let's see what we can do (I'll be replying only till the end of october 2017, as I do have other jobs to do and school to study). If you have other questions feel free to comment down below. My final tip would be to keep your decor harmonious and cohesive. 

Thank you so much for sticking with me till the end, I love sharing my tips with you, I'd love to do it again. If you like this DIY make sure to visit my previous DIY Traveler's "I was here" corkboard
*disclaimer this article is not sponsored by any of the shops I've mentioned.

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