DIY Upcycling Toys to Decor

September 27, 2017

You've probably seen this already in Pinterest or in YouTube since it's gotten a huge wave over millennials lately, and there's no surprise there, since this DIY basically helps you repurpose old toys and have these gorgeous decor.

It's probably the easiest DIY I've done so far, so this is more of an idea than a tutorial, or maybe a tutorial on how to do it right.

  1. White spray paint
  2. Any spray paint of your liking
  3. Some old toys

Step 1: Clean your old toys, I'm pretty sure some of them are dusty in all the small spaces so be sure to clean it thoroughly with water, soap and an old toothbrush.

Step 2: Set up your painting area, laydown some newspapers or garbage bags so that the paint would not get anywhere you wouldn't want the paint to get to.

Step 3: Set up all your toys in a standing position in a flat surface and leave spaces in between them so the paint can reach all sides (I know there are avengers toy in the photo above but I had second thoughts and let them be)

Step 4: Start spraying base coat using white spray paint then leave it to dry.

Note: Before you start spraying please read spray paint instructions at the back of the can for proper use. 

Note: Spray from a distance and keep the spray moving, don't let the spray stay in the same area for a long time as it creates ripples and droplets of paint.

Step 5: Once it's dry you can spray it with the color of paint that you would like your decor to be. I still painted mine white cuz that's the color I wanted. Leave it to dry.

Once it's dry you'll have something like this. I love how all the details are still visible and how the paint added that gloss that made the toy look like porcelain.

This DIY is so cheap anyone can do it. all you need is to get a spray paint. I got my spray paint at Handyman and it was 30% off at the time being SALE ALERT. So I only paid 70php for it.

  • If your toy has a lot of tiny embossed details that you'd love to retain, just coat it lightly so the paint wont cover up the embossed details
  • DO NOT SPRAY INDOORS, I know I just did, but at the time I was doing this DIY it was raining heavily and I couldn't do it outside. The fumes of the spray paint is so strong it took me hours to remove the smell.
  • Best looking colors to use I've seen thus far from the internet, are metalic (gold or silver), Hot Pink and Royal Blue

Thank you so much for sticking with me till the end, I love to DIY so much and I'm currently redecorating my room/home office so there sure is plenty more to come. If you like this DIY make sure to visit my previous DIY Post Where I Made A Lantern for only 178php (Dollar Store Challenge)


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