DIY Faux Marble Furnitures

September 20, 2017

The marble texture is sooo IT right now. While many people opt to get those fancy contact paper that costs a fortune and is not at all waterproof, here's a DIY faux marble texture using paint and it costs so much less than the contact paper. Perfect for sprucing up old furnitures or those boring cheap furnitures you get from the hardware store or the department store.

Here's the old entertainment console I have in my bedroom that we got at Ace Hardware YEARS AGO, and as you can see it's a bit hideous right now so I decided to spruce it up with faux marble texture.  

This DIY is an idea of TheSorryGirls, visit their youtube account for more DIY tutorials and don't forget to subscribe.

  1. White wood paint
  2. Black tinting paint/ black wood paint/ gray wood paint
  3. Small paintbrush
  4. Big paintbrush
  5. Paint roller/another big paintbrush
  6. Sponge/ old rough face towel
  7. Sand Paper
  8. Varnish (optional)

Step 1: (If you have gray paint, you can skip this step) Make gray paint with white and black paint. In a separate container pour in white paint then add drops of black then mix, repeat the step till you get the perfect dark shade of gray

Note: add black paint gradually, cuz it's easier to start with a light shade to a darker shade than a darker shade to a lighter one

Step 2: Prep your wood. Sand it lightly then clean the surface with a semi damp cloth.

Note: if you're painting a furniture with laminate coating or a furniture that's already painted, keep sanding till the paint or laminate texture is gone. 

Step 3: Using your roller or a big brush, paint the entire surface white

Step 4: While the paint is still wet draw random cracks using gray paint and the small paintbrush. (It doesn't have to be perfect) 

Step 5: While the paint is still wet, brush off the gray paint with a dry and clean paint brush to kind of blur out the crack lines you previously made

Once you're done, you'll have something like this

Step 6: Dab your sponge/ old rough face towel in white paint then dab it around the gray cracks to mellow out the harsh paint brush lines and get that marble effect. Repeat step till you get the effect that you like.

Once you're done, you'll have this

Step 7: (Optional) after the paint has dried and to fully protect your marble textured surface and to get that authentic looking marble slab you can apply two coats of varnish.

And you're done.

You can make this faux marble effect for only 413php (assuming you do not have any stock materials at home, but some of the materials needed are sort of available at any household.) 

I understand that some of you would say "oh but the contact paper is only worth 350php" yes but 350php for what? 60x50cm piece of sticker that can easily be removed or damaged by someone who has never used a coaster? with 413php I was able to paint 3 slabs of 25x90cm wood, and I still have plenty left to redo my vanity. 

Although to disclaim, I'm not against using contact paper as I use it as well when I get lazy or when I'm renting out a place where I cannot paint over the furnitures, I'm just saying that painting is more cost efficient though labor extensive.

*Prices are rounded off

White Paint 1L (any hardware store)              164   
Small paintbrush (any hardware store)            14
Big paintbrush (any hardware store)                40
Paint roller with tray (any hardware store)     100                
Sponge (any grocery store)                               10
Sand Paper (any hardware store)                     20
Varnish (any hardware store)                            65

TOTAL                                                              413

  • If you want more depth or darker shades of gray on your marble surface just repeat step 4 to 7 until you get your desired look, (just be sure to trace over the same cracks you previously made)
  • You can also do this on walls
  • If you're doing this on a plastic surface make sure your paint is good for plastic surfaces
  • If you're doing this on a laminated furniture sand the surface untill the laminate texture is gone
  • I saw a lot of this on pinterest where they sprinkled glitter around to make it more girly. If you want to do this, do it before varnishing

Thank you so much for sticking with me till the end, I love to DIY so much and I'm currently redecorating my room/home office so there sure is plenty more to come. If you like this DIY make sure to visit my previous DIY Traveler's "I was here" corkboard


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