Circus Themed Party DIY (Featuring the Kardogshians)

October 24, 2017

Themed parties are all the rage today! Specially for children's parties and debuts, even weddings that are once oh so simple now are following suit. Here's my sort of DIY on how to throw a CIRCUS THEMED PARTY

Now a little background regarding my experience as an events stylist, my most basic experience is when I set up dessert tables for my business, WhipItGood (which is temporarily closed due to my schooling), organizing debuts, and throwing these elaborate functions for the organizations I'm affiliated with. 

Since I love to throw parties, plan events and DIY some party decors. I throw personal parties like at least five times a year, including Christmas and New Year of course, and most of these parties are like dog related parties (since I've yet to have kids, nor am I prepared to have one) So most of my Party themed DIYs would definitely revolve around doggy parties.

The Kardogshians: (from left to right) Khaleesi, Kylie, Bart, Konnor, and Harley

Ever since I had Khaleesi, my spoiled chihuahua, I've always thrown these super excessive and definitely extra parties for my doggies' birthdays. I know what a weirdo right? would it help if I say she's insta-famous, and provides some milk money to support these elaborate parties? hahaha and some elements of the party are sponsored?

Anyway her twins Kylie and Konnor are having their 1st birthday tomorrow (October 26, 2017), and since I'm busy that day, I decided to throw one in advance. It's just a small party with all my family and some friends, and it's circus themed.

When you have a theme it's best to stick with it down to the very last detail, and that includes food. As I'm planning this party I was contemplating on what type of food would a circus have, then it hit me, Fried Finger Food! However, we're filipinos, and finger food just wont cut it, so we basically had this finger food table ready for small talks and what not while waiting for dinner to be ready.

The decor for our snack table is pretty straight forward and what I think every circus themed party should have are these mix of bright and bold colors, I sticked with Red, Blue and Yellow as my primary color scheme and just added some different hues of yellow, orange and blue to add a little contrast

I used a styrofoam board for the backdrop and glued some cartolina strips, unfortunately it fell apart at the last minute and I had to put it back and somehow make it work

Tip: when sticking paper materials to styrofoam it's best to use liquid elemers glue or mod podge instead of  glue sick and/or glue gun

These are homemade french fries and some strawberry and cream jello. The fake cake at the back are made out of cardboard and some acrylic paint (a DIY tutorial of that will be released before february of 2018 cuz I'm still busy making some for the other parties I'm throwing)

The popcorn boxes are DIYed, I got a template from google and printed it on a food safe board paper (the one with a a plastic coat at the back) I got mine from Daiso, but I believe I got the last ones so I guess you can substitute photopaper for it since it has the same texture as a photopaper.

Special thanks to TinyMe for the paperbag giveaways which is filled with doggy treats from FunHouse and doggy bandanas from Daiso.

Tip: For getting giveaway candies, I suggest you buy in bulk as they are more practical and less expensive, for candies you can visit puregold or SnR whichever is your sort of thing.

For toys/acessories and what not just scour divi, it's basically the only place you can get cheap toys. or if you're not into going to divi, and can spend a little more, try Toy Kingdom's 100 or less section where they have toys around 50-100php each

I DIYed this cupcake stand using cardboard, paint, fancy straws and some cartolina (a DIY tutorial will be up before the end the year) and thanks to CatchMyParty for those cupcake toppers and the buntings in front of our snack table (as seen on the first photo above)

Tip: It's better to have a custom made cupcake stand so it can fit well with your theme as some cupcake stands I've seen are pretty standard in design (a lot of them are tacky too) plus it's cheaper too

If you're wondering the cupcakes are butter peccan with cream cheese frosting, a new recipe that we're trying for the great comeback of WhipItGood soon.

Another special thanks to Lazada for this ferris wheel cupcake stand. If you want one, I'll link the product below;

For the table set up I wanted the centerpiece to really look like a circus lot with mini buntings connecting them, but when I did it, I found it a bit to boring, so I made these popcorn bags and placed some fake white flowers to have the illusion of actual popcorn.

I got the tent template from FirstPalette

The paper plates are pretty standard, i placed them on a paper plate holder not only for better support (cuz we all know how flimsy paper plates are) but also for that pop of color to contrast that bold red table cloth

These cups I bought last minute from 711, I've been to the grocery, daiso, party stores and no cup design seems to have captured the essence of circus in my head, until I came across this cup from 711 and I just bought it right away

Tip: to personalize your party cups, just print your event logo/monogram/name in a bond paper, then using a glue that's deluted in water, attach your printed logo/monogram/name on your cup, you can also use sticker paper (but it'll cost more)

These straws I bought at Robinsons Supermarket, Party Section and added a little banner from TinyMe

The doggies and our ample guest definitely seemed to enjoy the party, again it was an intimate event so I do apologize to our friends for the non-invite, but we really wish you all could have been there.

Birthday celebrants Kylie and Konnor (Kardogshian Twins)

We didnt have any activities unlike before so we just ate the whole afternoon till the evening, it's a doggy party so there were no games or anything like that

however, if you're looking to throw your kid a Circus themed party I do have some suggestions;

1. You can have a little talent show for the kids, this way the kids will do all the entertaining for you as you adhere to the needs of your guests

2. You can hire a clown or someone in a ring leader costume to be an emcee so your guests will be entertained all through the night. and definitely get a face painter

3. You can hire a sorbetes (ice cream) or cotton candy cart for additional snacks (The going rate I believe is at 2,000-5,000php)

Kylie's still hungry hoping Konnor still has some food left

4. Print out some coloring placemats and place a set of crayons per table so the kids will have something to do

5. You can never go wrong with parlor games

6. Instead of party hats you can DIY some top hats for the kids, you can also purchase some from party stores and at divi (they even have jester hats)

7. Make it a Movie Party and rent some projector and go watch some circus themed movies like; Big Top Peewee or Dumbo or Madagascar 3, for a more mature audience watch; Water for Elephants, or Big Fish or The Greatest Showman

oops, my top hat fell

The word you should be going for if you're planning a circus themed party is FESTIVE, everything from the decor, to the food, to the recreation must be enjoyable and fun. 

Decor wise it's easy to get the fun-ambiance simply by using bold colors (pastels are a no no for a festive look, you only use pastels if you want a whimsical or soft feel to your party), and there's no such thing as too much decor since circus is all about the crazy and the randomness of things

for the food, just like what I did, I suggest a lot of fried finger foods, if you don't have an idea of what to serve just imagine yourself at a circus, and think of the kinds of food that will be available for you to chow down as you watch the show.

Circus theme is all about the spectacle and the entertainment of it all, just make sure your guests are able to enjoy themselves and your circus themed party is sure to be a success

Poochtotty designed and tailored their outfits

Whip It Good


Lazada Philippines

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