DIY Posh Pumpkin Patch Halloween Decor

October 04, 2017

I've decided to decorate my place for halloween, but I want to make it elegant and classy.  I've always found halloween decor so tacky, and a bit of an eyesore (Mostly because I hate the color orange) So the centerpiece of my entire decor will be a miniature pumpkin patch with lots of elegant gold and neutral colors, and since I'm a practical filipino (like most filipinos are) I decided to use those plastic pumpkins rather than actual pumpkins which we can (in a more practical manner) use to make pumpkin soup later (yum!)

In a general sense, this DIY will show you how to make your halloween decor more stylish, but for the purpose of a specific example I'm doing a pumpkin patch.

  • White spray paint
  • Gold paint
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic jack-o lanterns/ any halloween decors
  • Ribbons

Step 1: Clean all your decors, make sure there are no unwanted dust or any grime so that the paint will coat the surface easily.

Step 2: Line them up, in some scratch paper or newspaper, ready for spray painting. (I also found these small skull decor which I'll be painting as well.

Step 3: Start painting, coat the decor once, then leave it to dry for about 5 minutes then come back and spray again, repeat this step till you get the desired color

Tip: When using spray paint, spray from a distance to avoid paint driping and other unsightly stuff that makes your surface rough or lumpy.

Step 4: Once you're done and the base paint has dried, you can now paint your plastic pumpkin with the color of paint that you like. Here I'm painting it with gold accents or patterns

Step 5: Let it dry, once it's dry you add more decorations like ribbons or chains or faux swarovsky or sequins,

 and you're done!

I made this DIY at a very low cost. Here's the breakdown

4pcs Mini Plastic Pumpkin (Daiso)                     88php
Spray Paint (any hardware store)                         70php
Gold Enamel Paint (any hardware store)             55php

Total                                                                      213php

The paint brushes I use are pro-grade brushes that's about 150-350php each but I already have them in stock so I didn't include those in the breakdown. (but you don't need those kind o If you don't have any you can get a cheaper disposable ones at any bookstore for 10-30php

  • As mentioned in the intro, This type of upcycling can be done on any plastic halloween decors so you just run your imagination wild and create something beautiful out of those tacky decors
  • I did it with skulls also. I was planning to paint the details with gold but I messed it up so I just painted the entire one with gold
  • I used gold enamel paint because it's the only paint available near me that does that metalic finish that I love. Most cold acrylic paint that I've seen are these matte dark gold color that are not as metalic nor shinny as the enamel
  • The enamel gold paint was a struggle to use, but they sure are worth it. it turns out you have to mix the gold powder to the clear enamel to get the color that you want. At first I didnt know it was in powder form, I assumed it was in paste or liquid form but it wasn't, so when I opened it the gold power flew everywhere in in my shock I ended up spilling the clear enamel paint on my craft cutting board. (ugh!)
  • When I finished doing this I thought this DIY would also look awesome on the big plastic pumpkins where the children put all the halloween candies, maybe replace the handle with chain so it'll look more posh
  • Lastly, You can place tea lights inside the plastic containers to make your decor more whimsical.

Thank you so much for sticking with me till the end, I love to DIY my decors to make it more personal, I'm doing more for halloween so watch out for that. If you like this DIY make sure to visit my previous DIY Traveler's "I was here" corkboard


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