Binulo Restaurant

October 05, 2017

We celebrated my lola's birthday in none other than, Pampanga, the culinary capital of the Philippines. In order for everyone to understand some critiques that I have, let me first disclose that we've been to Binulo twice already, once in 2014 and another recently, as far as the food is concerned nothing much have change but a lot have with regards to their establishment.

Paco Salad (150php)
Fiddlehead fern salad

The special thing about this salad is basically the dressing which I cannot decipher what it's made of but it was a bit sweet and savory at the same time (which I like) the greens and veggies look fresh, and it was served with the right amount of dressing.

Suam Mais  (105php)
Native corn soup with sili leaves

This soup is kinda refreshing in perspective as the first corn soup I've ever tasted that isn't sweet, and it's not a bad thing, cuz I'm really not a fan of sweet food.

Binagoongang Crispy Lechon(175php) *Disclosure I'm not 100% sure if this is the name of this dish, I lost my notes. It might be begucan tho.

It was good, the pork is crispy and the shrimp paste is not too salty which is good cuz the pork itself is well seasoned already.

Binukadkad na Hito (185php)

The seasoning was great but it was way too dry and too heavily coated with breading, the sauce helps tho. I remember the first time went it did not look like this.

Relyenong Manok (320php)
Deboned whole chicken stuffed with tocino, ham, ground beef and egg.

This is probably my fav amongst all, I love how the flavors of the egg, tocino, ham, beef, and chicken blends well together and the sauce complements the dish well.

Kare-Kare (395php)
Ox tail served in peanut sauce

I'm forever in love with Kare-Kare and Binulo did not disappoint my extreme need for Kare-Kare, I love how they separated the veggies on top so it retains it's veggie crisp and all in all it was nice :)

The indoor dining is just the same as it was back in 2014 however, as a very detail-oriented kid, I did recognize a lot of things that are in heavy need of fixing. First are the blinds that looks too sloppy in an interior that shouts sleek traditional filipino. Second are the tables that are in serious need of re painting from all the cutlery scratches

I used to love how homey the environment was and how the establishment and decors all come together. but I'm sure a little sprucing and refurbishing will do the job.

The space super huge, there a lot of seating options and theres a bar counter near the entrance. They also have al fresco area if you're into that kind of thing. although from the outside it looks a bit run down, once you enter the establishment you'll awe by how relaxed the whole place is.

The staff welcomes you in and accommodates you instantly upon arrival. I don't know if it's because at the time we were the only ones dining there but they are quick to respond to our call.

Overall, the food is good, it just lacks that "wow" factor, the place looks like a normal typical restaurant, (I mean come on, with all the new restos with some gimmicks out there, Binulo seriously needs to catch up), the staff are nice and accommodating.

The first time we went there we we're so inlove with the place but once we got a bit more adventurous with food and discovered a lot of better restos binulo suddenly sank out of our fav restos.  However, I do believe that with a little renovation and reinvention of menu they will be back to our fav list very soon. for what it is now, I'll be giving them a 2.5/5


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