DIY Easy Kids Pumpkin Halloween Decor

October 18, 2017

An awesome patron of my blog, Mrs. Madrigal, has messaged me asking if I know of some DIYs that she and her kids can make, so in response I promised her an awesome DIY that's easy to do and extremely kid friendly thus this DIY tutorial.

Here's an easy yet classy DIY that's so simple any child can do it, It'll be more fun if done with their parents or older siblings. There's not much to talk about except for the fact that this was inspired by a Halloween decor made by Martha Stewart on her show.

  • Scissors
  • Puncher
  • Cartolina/Colored papers
  • Felt Vines and Ribbons / or any string.
  • Glue gun w/ glue stick

Step 1: Using your scissors cut long strips of cartolina, 24 pieces for the big ones and 18 pieces for the small ones (My measurements are 3x25cm for the big ones and 2x10cm for the smaller ones)

Tip: A cutting mat is super useful for getting equal cuts. it's definitely a DIYer's must have.

Step 2: Punch a hole on both ends of the strips

Tip: Here I'm using a heavy duty puncher so I can punch multiple strips at a time

Step 3: Using a glue gun, glue a piece of felt vine or any string on a one peso coin or a bottle cap, this will serve as weight and stopper so the cartolina wont fell out of the string

Tip: If you know you're too young to handle a glue gun, enlist the help of the elders as glue guns can cause extreme skin burns if not used properly, or if you're old enough but is too dumb to use a glue gun, enlist the help of someone smarter.

PS: Don't worry you can still get your coin back

Step 4: Insert the string through the holes of the strip and you'll have something like this.

Step 5: Insert the string through the opposite holes of the same strips of cartolina, like so.

Step 6: Pull the string as you push the cartolina stips inward to make like a bow structure

Step 7: Tie the end of the string finishing off the bow like structure, you may also tie a ribbon on the string. Tie it up as many as needed to avoid the strips of cartolina from sliding out the string

Step 8: Cut the excess string, and spread out the cartolina strips in a circular way.

and you're done!

Cartolina (any book or craft store)                15php/sheet
Felt vine string (any book or craft store)      15php/1meter
Ribbon (Any book or craft or textile store)    20php/1meter

Total                                                              50php

  • Honestly the most easiest and cheapest DIY I've done thus far, and a great bonding activity for the family this halloween
  • You can basically make this in any color and size obvi.
  • USE A THICK CARTOLINA MATERIAL, this one, I learned as I went along. You see the black cartolina was so flimsy it did not form nicely, it looked like a deflated pumpkin which sucks.
  • You can tie the felt vine multiple times to create a pumpkin stalk just like what I did with the smaller ones

Thank you so much for sticking with me till the end, I love your requests and challenges so if any of you have any DIY challenge or request that you'd like me to do just contact me through my contact form, and I'll see what I can do. If you like this DIY make sure to visit my previous DIY Traveler's "I was here" corkboard


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