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October 21, 2017

When you're with your friends, do what friends do best, talk about other friends who are not present (Hahahah just kidding) It's been a while since I've last seen these people even Ken who is literally right next door. So we had a little catch up session at this cafe that we've been meaning to visit for quite some time now.

Can I just start by saying, WE LOVE STORIES' FOOD. Not only are they delicious and scrumptious but they are also plated nicely. The price is a bit off the range of a student budget but it is worth it. They have a wide variety of comfort food, desserts and beverages. 

Bolognese (290php)

Aside from freshly brewed coffee, its beverage variations and the complimentary pastries, the menu features unique, twisted, homemade dishes such as pastas, sandwiches, rice meals, and select specialty entrees. 

Godofried Chicken (298php)

I love the attention to detail, for example how they sticked with the theme by naming their bevearge sizes "short story" and "long story" which basically sums up the time you'll spend chatting your day away over a cup of coffee. More about this on the Ambiance section

Salted Caramel (220php)

I remember asking the staff to lessen the sugar on my drink as I do not like sweet stuff, but I'm loving this one. Like seriously loving their drinks, neither one are disappointing nor too sweet for my tasting.

Matcha green tea (220php)
The first word that comes out of my mouth when describing Stories' ambiance, is ARTISAN. The ambiance is very reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland in my perspective. It's a mixture of both traditional classic sensibilities and modern pinterest worthy factor. Whether you're dining indoors or al fresco, you'll definitely love the ambiance.

Let's start with the al fresco area. With the well kept green grass, the mug fountain, cafe umbrellas and castle like terrace it has that whimsical feel that will make anyone who goes here feel relaxed. I mean just look at that cupception (cup inception) fountain, in the photo above. I would probably have one made at home (if I have the space for it) and just place all the unwanted mugs I got from christmas, events and birthdays (no offense mug gifters, I love you all *kiss PS please read my gift guide coming this december hahaha)

The interiors are not too shabby as well. I love the variety of chairs (that's what's very alice in wonderland-ish for me, remember the Un Happy Birthday scene? that one) and can we have a moment to appreciate how genius that turquoise accent wall is, I never imagined a color like that working well with dark wood tint, but it does.

It's very homey, and relaxed which I love cuz most cafes nowadays focus more on lousy loud gimmicks that defeats the purpose of cafes, which is to be a go to venue for work, study, leisure, readings, meatings and friendly chitchats

The staff at stories are very accomodating, we were seated outside cuz we wanted to enjoy the seemingly nice weather and all the staff are inside the venue, but whenever we raise our hands to ask for water refills they are quick to act on it. 

Also, reiterating that we sat outside, in a seemingly nice weather, rain started to pour, and a lot of the staff came out to the rescue, equipped with their huge umbrellas and lots of tissues to dry ourselves with.

I love how they really follow your instructions, I asked to have less sugar on mine and they did it, cuz let's face it some cafe staff just nod their heads and still give you the regular amount of sugar.

I love it. I recommend it, I will come back. That's bottomline of this review. Just kidding. Stories is one of those cafes that stays true to what a cafe should be, a place for a relaxing time and right amount of lighting for those who are reading, and that's what I love about them.

I give my verdict with a 4.2/5 Stories is definitely one of my favorite cafes out there

Stories by Lilypad
46 Times St., West Triangle
Quezon City, Philippines


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