The Budget Friendly Westnuk Resort

October 28, 2017

It’s one of those “you get what you paid for” scenarios, so you’ll probably read that sentence a lot in this article. Westnuk beach is a government-owned beach cove located at Morong, Bataan. It is well known for it’s affordable accommodation, fine sand and gorgeous beach that shines through the night light.

Their room can accommodate 10 or more people for only 3,100php. THe building is powered by solar reserved energy so the sockets emit a very minimal flow of electricity. The rooms are quite decent and clean.

If you’ve seen a government offices at early 2000s then you’d definitely understand where I’m coming from. The main building and rooms look like a typical government office and in itself is in dire need or renovation and upkeep. 

The ambiance is decent and relaxing, they have these cabanas that are painted MMDA style, bubble blue and bright pink, and some cabanas are painted green like what they have in pasig or something, I dunno why but it reminded me of that.

The beach itself is typical except for the fine sand. From the shoreline you can see a gradient brownish color going towards a greenish ocean in the middle part of the cove. We did swim and it was not dirty at all, but the water is opaque brown.

They have this 3 story watch tower with the most gorgeous view of the entire cove. It's not as bad as I have made it sound, It's actually a pretty beautiful well maintained beach.

We went there to celebrate two of our bestest friends Jego and Kissa (My Manila Girl) so alcohol is definitely a must for us. So we basically spent the entire night drowning ourselves with liquor.

I'm still a law student so I did a little studying in the morning with my favorite candy (Nerds) and some relaxing music. I was able to study pretty well and I was able to ace my recitation the next day so It's a perfect place for a serene melancholic relaxation and leisure

They don't have much as far as recreation is concerned so we are left to our own devices to entertain ourselves. The best thing you can do at the beach is to bum, and grill some food.

By public transport
  • Take a bus going to Balanga, Bataan. From Balanga,
  •  take a mini-bus going to Morong and ask the driver to drop you off at Bataan Nuclear Power Plant)
  • At the Power Plant entrance, ride a tricycle that will give you a lift to Westnuk.
By private vehicle 
  • We took a Clark-Subic-Bataan route, which is way faster and less traffic
  • From NLEX-SCTEX exit through Tipo (I'm sorry but....) you can just waze your way from there

Westnuk beach resort is a relaxing place to be at. It's affordable, decent, and the beach is gorgeous and well maintained. What I love about the place is how peaceful and un-crowded this beach is. Would I come back? probably, but as of the moment I'm all into exploring different beaches.

I recommend this place of a group of people on a budget who are looking for a peaceful time outside the metro.We did have an awesome time there.

Westnuk Beach Resort
Brgy. Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan
inside the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant Complex


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