DIY Concrete Planter

November 15, 2017

I love plants, although I don't really have the time to take care of them so I never had one before, but upon our visit to the garden store we bought these small indoor plants that are perfect for me and my busy schedule. It came in this black plastic pots that's a bit of an eyesore in our room so I made these concrete planters to match the decor in my room.

This DIY is so easy to do although a bit time consuming, It takes about 20mins to prepare everything and at least 24hrs to let the concrete dry, So if you're planning to do this for an event or as a gift make them ahead of time.

Concrete Mixing
  • Concrete sand
  • Water
  • Mixing container
  • Stick/ shovel

Concrete Mold
  • Masking tape
  • Board paper/illustration board/cardboard
  • Cutter
  • Paper cups/old milk cartons
  • Scissors

Furnishing Tools
  • Paint [Optional]
  • Paint brush [Optional]
  • Felt
  • Sand paper
  • Xacto Knife/Carving Knife 

Step 1: Make your mold using a stiff and hard paper like board paper/illustration board/cardboard use the downloadable guides below as a guide to create your mold;

Download Geometric Guide 1
Download Geometric Guide 2
Download Geometric Guide 3

cut out the shapes and put them together.

Note: There are two parts of a mold, the outside mold and the inside mold, I used these geometric shapes to make my outside mold, and paper cups as my inside mold

Note: Make sure the mold hold up well, I added more tape once I'm done putting the shapes together as I realized that the concrete can get heavy and the least scenario that I want is to break the mold once I put the concrete in and create a whole mess

Step 2: In a container mix the concrete sand and water (4 cups of sand = 1 cup of water.) using a stick/shovel keep stirring until you get a peanut butter-like consistency. 

Tip: if you feel like your mixture is too thin just add more sand, if it's too thick just add more water, I figured different concrete sand have different results. Just make sure you add little by little and gradually till you get a peanut butter-like consistency 

Step 3: Pour in the concrete mix inside your mold, fill it up about 3/4 of your mold, DONT FILL IT COMPLETELY.

Step 4: Tap around the mold to make sure the concrete fills every part of the mold, and to remove bubbles which causes little holes on your planter. This will also even out the top part.

Step 5: Slowly press a smaller cup in the center of the mold. Do this while twisting the cap so that the concrete mix inside the mold will equalize itself.

Note: the concrete will rise make sure you leave space for the inside mold it overflows. trust me it's hard to clean it up.

Step 6: Pour some water inside the cup or place rocks inside and tape the cup around the mold to weigh it down so the cup wouldn't bounce back up as the concrete dries. Leave it outside to dry for 12hrs.

Step 7: after 12hrs, gently remove the cup out of the mold and let it dry again for another 12hrs.

Step 8: after 12hrs of drying, tear off the paper mold, at this point, your concrete planter looks and feels a little damp, that's because it's not yet 100% dry yet.

Step 9: Using a chisel or an Xacto knife carve out all the excess concrete to achieve a more even or clean surface. after that you need to let it sit for 3hrs till the concrete fully dries.

Step 10: Once it's dry, sand all the surfaces, and wipe the excess sand off with a damped cloth, and let it dry.

Step 11: glue felt, bellow your planter so that your planter wont scratch the surface of your table/shelf.

Step 12: [Optional] Paint parts of your planter for accent. Let it dry.


Concrete sand (Hardware stores)                         75php (25php/kilo)
Board paper (Any book or craft store)                   83php
Paper cups (Any grocery store)                             28php
Felt (Any book or craft store)                                  20php/ half meter
Sand paper (Hardware stores)                               20php
Paint (Any book or craft store)                                50php

TOTAL                                                                   276php
With 276php I was able to make 5 small planters (That means I made one for only 55.20php each), I saw some concrete planters online that goes for 500php and above EACH, so this DIY basically saved me atleast 90% off.

  • What I love about this DIY is it's flexibility, you can make concrete stuff for anything, you can make a concrete pencil holder, concrete organizers, concrete jewelry display, concrete candle holders, etc. just let your imagination fly. I also made this concrete centerpiece for our dinning table

  • I made the concrete centerpiece using rectangle bases for the outside and inside mold, glued some flower sponges to keep the fake flowers into place

  • You can do away with not painting the planter, there's a certain charm with bare concrete, It has this rustic gray color that looks good in any decor theme
  • I used these planters to re-pot my succulent plants which we bought for only 50php each at the local garden store
  • These would make an awesome gift for people who love plants. Additional Idea: give them as a gift with planting soil and some seeds. 
  • If your plant requires holes below, just place a straw in the middle before you add the inner mold, OR use a deeper inner mold and place small rocks bellow before you put the planting sand 

Thank you so much for sticking with me till the end, I enjoyed working with concrete, I'll probably make more concrete DIYs in the future. If you like this DIY make sure to visit my previous DIY Traveler's "I was here" corkboard


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