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November 27, 2017

A lot of travelers would prefer to pack minimally or excessively, but here at Sky’s Not the Limit I’m going to teach you how to Pack Right. 

This is not an article telling you not to pack light or heavy, as I am guilty of packing heavily but most of it comes from my camera equipment and laptop so I can document everything for you guys. People who pack light usually tend to forget a lot of stuff to bring, and people who pack excessively tend to bring a lot of stuff they don't need

Also there are some life hacks included for you to pack efficiently and hassle free.

When making a list of what to bring, everyone should always check their itinerary. From there you’ll begin to have an idea of what you’ll need, how much time you have free on that trip, how long are you going to stay there, etc, all of these shall serve as a guide on what to bring and what to leave behind. 

I learned this from way back, when we were on a trip to China, I brought my laptop with me and a lot of craft stuff thinking I could probably get productive there. Then we got so busy and I carried all that stuff for nothing.

When it comes to your clothes, its better to have a list or a mental list on how much you’ll probably need but more on this one later.

These are organizers that you can use to not only keep your stuff in tact but to also avoid not having to scour your entire bag looking for stuff. These are in different sizes, which makes it easier for every to allocate what things you can put in there

I have two sets of these, one for short travels (which I got from Miniso for 399php) and another for long travels (which I got from Travel Manila for 250php). Here’s how I use mine; 1 bag for clothes and towel, 1 bag for my electronics, 1 bag for my toiletries. (For longer travels I usually have 2 bags for clothes, 1 bag for jackets, and 1 for both electronics and toiletries)


Extra Bag
You know those situations where you forgot to bring an extra bag for your souvenirs, or dirty clothes, or even wet clothes, just remove one from your main bag and use it as a hand carry bag.

Makeshift Beach bag
I often do this when I go to hotels or the beach. Sometimes the room is way too far from the beach, and I need to cary my towel, my glasses, my camera, a snack and sunblock, so what I do is I use one of these as a makeshift beach/pool bag.

Organized Hotel Wardrobes
You know these closets that comes with your accommodation? that are sometimes completely useless. well you can just take out your bag organizers and place them there, that way you can utilize the wardrobe and be able to scour through your stuff hassle free.

It’s better to stock up on travel specific things, which you can just grab and go when packing, that way you wont have necessary things be left behind. 

I have one for my toiletries. I have a stock of toiletries at home placed in a net pouch that’s ready to go. It has all the the necessary stuff that I need, a mini toothpaste, mini deo, toothbrush, shampoo, etc. I also have one for my chargers, I have extra chargers that are for travel only placed in one of my travel organizers. 

Whenever we have these impromptu travels or whenever I did not have enough time to pack I just grab these pouches and be confident that I did not leave anything of importance behind. Just make sure to re-stock once you ran out.

Ok a lot of us are guilty of this, I mean come on, in a millennial world of Instagram consciousness, where posed photos are all the rage, we would often bring a lot of clothes for choices as we treat every adventure as photoshoots. This is a no no, cuz first it’s a hassle, second, no smart fashionista would ever bring a lot of clothing choices and stuff it in a large bag (or multiple ones in this matter.) BUT TRUST ME YOU DONT NEED ALL THAT OOTDS

A smart fashionista would have their clothes picked out right in the process of packing. Here’s a formula I use for how many OOTD pieces I should bring;

Just make sure you have appropriate clothing for wherever it is you’re heading to, 

Sometimes traveling to a foreign land or a place you’ve never been to brings about a lot of unexpected situations. Like accidents, transport delays, weather issues, and whatnot. It’s better to be prepared than sorry. Here are the things I consider emergency stuff

  • Extra Cash
  • First Aid
  • Laundry Soap
  • Powerbank

Extra cash and first aid are like, given when it comes to emergency stuff, the thing that I'm going to introduce to you is laundry soap as an emergency material. Why? Should there be an unexpected extension of stay, may it be a delayed flight, or a clingy relative refusing for you to leave, it's good to have this handy incase you ran out of clothes

First things first, for you to be able to share a bag harmoniously, you should have bag organizers so your stuff wont get mixed in with your bag-mate. This is commonly practiced by couples, and sibling but it can and should also be done by friends. 

You're probably thinking, "well that would be a hassle" just think of it this way, First, if you share a bag, you'll start to think of how much stuff you're bringing in comparison to your friend. Second, two people will have one bag which they can take turns carrying, and there would be more car space to put in all your shared bagages (stuff the group needs like groceries, coolers, and alike

The basic principle one must follow is the rule of necessity. Before you pack, always ask yourself, "Do I need this?" "in the course of my trip will I use it?" "will it make my trip easier and more enjoyable?" if the answer to all the question is YES, then bring it, but if the answer is NO, even to just one of the questions then don't bring it. 

While it's so nice to bring your laptop with you, your tablet, your favorite handheld console, your multiple phones, and and what not, you probably shouldn't as obviously you wont be able to use it and it simply become bag weights.

In packing, we must always fight the compulsive urges to bring something even if in reality we don't really need it. 

And that ends our guide to packing right!


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