That Time I Had a BIRTHDAY WEEK Celebration (And How To Throw 7 Epic Days Yourself)

November 17, 2017

I don't normally celebrate my birthday, I'm that guy who celebrates his birthday by staying in bed all day, binge watching my favorite series, turns off his phone not to be bothered by the outside world, and buys mango cake to eat by myself (looking back it's not so bad after all). The reason behind it is simple, I don't celebrate birthdays when I feel horrible, either from a bad year or a bad deed that I've done in those years. 

I can count the times I've legit celebrated my birthday. I had one when I was 6, where I got a puppy and a cake (I'm not complaining, I love it). Once when I was 8 I had this Winnie the Pooh party, cuz I'm a sucker for that cute blond bear. And lastly when I was 18 and I had everything I ever wanted, a studio, a business, being the head of a college level political party, and a partner for a plus, it just felt like the perfect time to celebrate.

This year is my 7th 17th birthday and in an act of impulse I've decided to celebrate it extra (Since I've done everything I can to be good, and the world has been good to me as well this year.) With the help of my friends and family, we were able to have 7 Days of Celebration. Here's how we did it and how you can do it yourself.

Day 1 of Birthday Week started on a saturday, November 11. It was impromptu, and we commenced with birthday week without any single plan. It was just a random night, me and my friends, Ken and Jocel decided to meet up for coffee, and the rest just followed.

Alcohol is must during birthday week, so cocktails and liquors are always present 

What started out as a simple coffee sesh, ended up being day 1 of Birthday Week at Empacho, in Tomas Morato.

 Mandatory birthday Kare-Kare 

Empacho's known for their craft beers, very unique cocktail menu, and Filipino cuisine with a twist. I must say we did enjoy ourselves, the food is great, the alcohol was satisfying and the place looks awesome.

What I feel is the most important about throwing yourself a Birthday Week is a plan, you need a plan that will keep the ball rolling for everyone. Here at day 1 we planned the rest of Birthday Week, and  the rest is history. 

2nd floor unit 201, 170 Tomas Morato Ave, Diliman, Quezon City

For day 2, we went to Central, Kalayaan to party the night away and have a toast to everything that has happened to us, good or bad, it's our little thanksgiving activity for the whole year

Happy Ending indeed

We're no strangers to Central and all it's branches as it is our go to place whenever we want a chill but lively place to have fun and drink the night away (we came back to a different branch on day 4)

Same cast and crew from day 1

Day 2 is about partying but keeping it tame as we can possibly have. We had plenty of meaningful conversations as most friends-of-10-years do at a bar like this, which I really love having specially with people that mean a lot to me. 

Free Birthday flaming shots

This platter is all I could ever ask for and more.

For those who have been living under a rock and has never been to any of Central's branches I urge you to try it, it's such a great place to sit and relax over cocktails and beer.

50 Kalayaan Ave, Quezon City
(02) 351 4493 

Day 3 is the most effort extensive amongst all the other days as it is, as the title suggests, a house party. TO everyone who has ever thrown a party at home knows the stress of throwing a house party, from the preparations to the clean up, the ingress and egress of your guests, and on to trying your best to make everyone happy, it is indeed hard.

Fortunately for us, I've done it several times so I'm used to the hoops of throwing one. The only thing that made this day a bit complicated, is the time constraint. As mentioned earlier, Birthday Week was planned only during Day 1 so I basically had one morning to prepare for all these. 

BFFs Since 2008 

Thankfully I've got friends who are willing to help out and brought drinks for everyone to enjoy. Ken brought Jack, Michael (my co birthday celebrant) brought black label, etc etc etc.

I set up a little beer pong table for everyone who wishes to play, I bought those blue solo cups at Puregold Duty Free in Clark Pampanga (way before) for only 100php/pack of 24. Solo cups are basically the must have at every house parties.

The first of many "cheers" shot hahaha

My tip for throwing house parties, as well as a birthday week will rely on how well you manage your time, as well as the willingness of your dear friends to help out. I couldn't have done any of it without them.

A huge part of my life is the life I spent in Benilde which was built with the friends I had there. Since they are friends from college, we all live in different places, work in different cities, and our lives basically are moving in different directions, makes reunions like this a struggle to organize.

This Birthday Platter is the death of me.. so long single chin I aspired, so long cheekbones I once had, so long body dimples. May you all rest in peace.

I sent invitations during Day 2, thinking only the people who actually lives in taft would come, but much to my surprise, most of the people I invited came. (Even those who had to attend work that day) I'm so touched by the way.

Seriously what is up with me and "cheers" shots. Those plastic cups tho. 

We first went to Barn, but the place, like Asgard, IS DEAD, so we transferred to Central (told ya we'll be back.) With that comes a lesson from Day 4 with regards to throwing Birthday Week, HAVE A CONTINGENCY PLAN. Things aren't always going according to plan, but you must never let a single hitch destroy your night, keep a positive attitude and move forward.

Sorry Simon The Blog logo covered your face, I swear the placement are standard generated by lightroom. I'll make bawi promise

What I really love about Day 4 as a whole, is the integration of my college friends with my HS friends, cuz it felt like two eras of my life have come together in one unified ball of fun. I just love moments like these. The night started a bit awkwardly with people not interacting with one another as I've hoped, but it all turned around and we ended the night looking like everyone's been BFFs for years, cuz nothing can unite people better than alcohol.

 Here's a solo pic, told you I'd make bawi ;)

For 120php you can rent out this beer pong table set for the rest of the night, which was awesome cuz my friends really love to play beer pong

Leftover wednesday is our answer to creative block and lack of financial resources, we basically didn't have anything better planned since my prior plans fell apart. so we just drank everything we had leftover from Day 1-4. It's basically recycle day for us. 

Celebrating for seven days can take it's toll on everybody's wallet. I didn't have enough time to gather financial resources to pull this through (cuz Impromptu) Having that one day where you dont have to spend any money is a good thing ladies and gentlemen. 

(I should have used our green neon lights during the house party, I completely forgot we had one, darn) 

I'm a gay guy of traditional values, I spent Day 1-5 with my friends, it seems only fitting that I celebrate the rest of Birthday Week with my family (Also I needed the break from all the alcohol, cuz I'm an acidic alcoholic) 

Hamia, also known as "House of Kare Kare" does not disappoint. You all probably know by now how I'm obsessed with Kare Kare, a filipino cuisine commonly made with ox tail, and peanut sauce. It's quite fitting that I have my birthday dinner at a place that specializes on a dish I favor most.

Contrary to our tumblers up above, we did not see Thor Ragnarok, we watched; Justice League. A huge part of my life is being a moviephile and being a nerd for superheroes. So what better way to finish birthday week than to watch Justice League on the big screen. We got the Thor and Hulk helmet Tumblers, cuz why not.

Since it's the last day of Birthday Week, We were able to do everything we did during the entire week, we had dinner at a pizzeria, and drank the night away at home. I wanted to end Birthday Week in a very simpler way than we did from day 1-6. 

People know me as the boss b*tch that I am, hard to please and wants everything grand and all, but the other side of me states otherwise, I'm easily amused that a simple mango flavored something can make my day.

You can get these tumblers for only 200php from Ayala Malls Cinema Snack Bar

My only tip when celebrating your birthday in the theatre is to utilize online reservations, SureSeats (for Ayala Theaters), SM CInema, Mega World (Eastwood, UPTown, Venice Grand Canal, Newport, etc.) and Ticket World (for live theater performances and concerts) especially is you're going in with a large crowd. 

I wanted Birthday Week to reflect all the facets of my entire life, for it to show appreciation for my friends and family, for it to manifest my best and worst, and for it convey my personality well. As you can see,  I'm a fan of climaxes, we started off from day 1 and 2 in a mild and tamed manner going into the climax of day 3 and 4 slowly dialing back to mild and tamed manner I so humbly enjoy. 

Throwing a birthday week can be an overwhelming task. It takes a lot of effort, energy, and finance. I was lucky enough to have family and friends to support all these in such short notice. Would I do it again? probably, but not in the next five years or so.

If you're planning yours here are some tips I'd like to share

  • Plan ahead, especially if you plan to have a grander week than I did. We didn't have the luxury of time to prepare as it was an idea born out of cocktails.
  • Diversify, what I mean by this is you need to have something new every single day, to keep everyone coming, sure it's a lot of fun to just party everyday at a different club but people can get bored with a single line of activity for seven days. I change everything every single day, even my hairstyle changes.
  • Have Great Friends, I have the most amazing friends, that till this very day amuses me, It's great to have a good set of friends who'll help out with everything.
  • Have a Buffer Time, You need to have a buffer time to rest and cure all those hangovers away, so you wont get cranky the next day. I happen to have the ability to binge drink and never get drunk nor suffer hangovers the next day, but I do love a good night's sleep, so I dedicate atleast 8hrs a day for sleepy time
  • Be Open, just have fun, don't be a downer when things didnt go your way, just enjoy and appreciate the simplest things in life

That's all folks, I'd like to thank everyone who came, to everyone who helped make this possible, and to everyone who genuinely wished they came but couldn't I love you all still.


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