Gift Ideas for Women

December 01, 2017

Suffice to say this is, by concept, for everyone who does not know what to give that woman in your life, may it be your mom, your sister, your friend, your partner, your colleague, your grandma, your aunt, etc. 

But mostly this article is meant to help men, cuz let’s face it, most of the time we have no idea what to give a woman and often try to simply impress with expensive random stuff. Lucky for all of you I outsourced information from women of different personalities and age groups. So sit back, relax, and let me do your shopping for you.

Class, sophistication, and grace are the hallmarkss of a lady. She’s very hard to shop for as this woman has an expensive taste and a thirst for the finest things in life. This delicate woman prides herself with her social graces, refined manners and in-depth knowledge of culture. 

1. Vococal, Faux Fur Shrug Cape, P765.00                      BUY NOW

2. NicePeacock Rhinestone Velvet Clutch, P869.00     BUY NOW

3. OtherFaux Rabit Fur Purse, P628.00                         BUY NOW

4. BolehEgyptian Cat Statue, P646.00                           BUY NOW

5. OEMTibetan Meditation Bowl, P664.20                     BUY NOW

6. TomfeelMother & Child, P1,945.00                             BUY NOW

7. Yves Saint LaurentRouge Pur #17, P2,250.00            BUY NOW

8. BolehGeometric Glass Terrarium, P1,100.00            BUY NOW

These women are hard to shop for because of their seemingly high standards. Gifts that seems appropriate costs a lot, so if you don't have such budget, tasteful home decor is a safe bet. Also DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT, give them knockoffs, sure the lady will not call you out for it and simply accept your gift with a smile on their faces but you know deep inside she hates your guts, unbranded stuff are better, if branded stuff seems to be a tall order. Just make sure it's tasteful, classy and elegant.

To Fashionistas looks are everything, they know all there is to know about the latest trends and the greatest make up lines. These are the girls who take way to long getting prepared as they prefer their make up to be on fleek and their outfits stunning. 

1. Glad KingMake Up Organizer, P1,650.00                                BUY NOW

2. OEM, Light Up Led Makeup Mirror, P920.00                            BUY NOW

3. VakindCat Eye Rose Gold Sunglasses, P400.00                    BUY NOW

4. KaniorWhite Fashion Backpack, P619.00                               BUY NOW

5. JollyChicClutch Bag, P375.00                                                   BUY NOW

6. OEMShingshang Pastel Backpack, P790.00                          BUY NOW

7. Yves Saint LaurentFull Coverage Foundation, P2,862.00      BUY NOW

8. Urban DecayNaked Brush Set, P547.76                                  BUY NOW

They can be a little picky when it comes to their pieces, so unless your 100% sure you share the same taste and aesthetic as her, don’t but her clothes. Go for plain accessories  that are on trend, like bags or glasses as these things are easier to add to an ensemble. Make up works too, try to look or ask around what make-up lines or products work well (if you're makeup-stupid)  JUST MAKE SURE YOU GET THE RIGHT COLOR FOR THE RIGHT SKIN TONE.

 The quirky girl is all about pinterest, she loves DIYs and cute and vintage stuff.  She’s in love with the 50s and 60s retro sensibilities and more often than not can be seen sporting pastel or bold colored dresses or sweaters. Don’t be deceived by their looks, they may look sweet and dainty but these people dont give a flying <CENSORED> about what others think about them, as long as they love their eccentric selves nothing can go wrong.

1. SemirCat Backpack Blue, P1,229.00                          BUY NOW

2. Unspecified, Colorful Daily Journal, P599.00               BUY NOW

3. OEMOven Mitt, P354.00                                               BUY NOW

4. OEMVintage Gramophone Decor, P1,838.00             BUY NOW

5. OEMUnicorn Ankle Socks, P343.00                           BUY NOW

6. OEMPlush Bear Chain Bag, P708.00                          BUY NOW

7. GenevaCasual Quartz Watch #6, P315.00                  BUY NOW

8. BuyInCoinsUnicorn Pencil Case, P219.00                 BUY NOW

These adorably eccentric individuals love anything cute, so any thing cute would suffice, as long as it is filled with colors. Go for stuff with Unicorn, Fruit, Animals, Polka, Rainbow or Florals on it. They are not as hard to shop with as they are highly appreciative of almost anything.

 Geeks are avid followers of pop culture, they’re smart and witty and can throw in a lot of sarcastic shades with a snap of a finger. Geeks are often anime or manga fans as these women love the Japanese culture. They are also bookworms, and can last an entire day with just a book in hand.

1. Silver WorksWonder Woman Necklace, P590.00        BUY NOW

2. FunkoDC Bombshells Harley Quinn, P595.00           BUY NOW

3. FunkoWonder Woman, P595.00                                  BUY NOW

4. FunkoDaenerys Riding Drogon, P1,230.00                 BUY NOW

5. OEM, Cardcaptor Sakura - Clow Cards, P1,708.00     BUY NOW

6. Star Wars, Leatherette Pouch, P499.75                        BUY NOW

7. OEMSuperman Socks with Cape, P317.00                BUY NOW

8. OEMHarry Potter Journal, P705.00                            BUY NOW

WonderWoman merch are all the rage this year for Geeks everywhere. We can't blame them, WonderWoman represents women empowerment (except the time she worked as the in office secretary for the Justice League or when she refused to join the Women's Movement) and geeks are all over this craze.

These are strong hardworking women who thrives to get on top. She's either learning the craft or rising through the ranks of her chosen field. You'd often hear her say "Career first" cuz as it obviously implies, career is their main priority and will stop for nothing or anyone to get what they deserve. Practicality and efficiency is everything to these women.

1. Parker60th Anniversary Special Edition Pen, P1,946.00      BUY NOW

2. OEMLeather Tassel Clutch Bag, P2,370.00                           BUY NOW

3. CluseWomen's Watch Set, P610.00                                        BUY NOW

4. Gifts of Hope, "All Things' Are Possible" Journal, P199.00    BUY NOW

5. OEMPastel Pink Office Bag, P795.00                                     BUY NOW

6. OEM2 Layered Make Up Organizer, P357.00                         BUY NOW

7. S&FDaily Journal, P782.00                                                      BUY NOW

8. OEMShingshang Pastel Backpack, P790.00                          BUY NOW

As mentioned earlier practicality and efficiency is everything, so get them something functional and can actually be used on a daily basis. If you know of any literature that can maybe help in her endeavour, get her that (that is if she loves to read). Moreover, when it comes to bags, a lot of these career women cary huge bags, so make sure the bag you are giving her is big enough to fit all her stuff.

For the sake of generality we will include people who are fitness conscious in this category and not only those who actually play sports. Nowadays, fitness is everything, at least 4 out of 10 women are enrolled in a gym or yoga class, pilates, etc. and there are a lot of women out there who airs out their competitive side  and stresses in life through sports.

1. Fancy QubePastel Pink Baseball Cap, P360.00      BUY NOW

2. OEMSmartphone Arm Band, P490.00                    BUY NOW

3. Random2.2L Water Bottle, P669.00                        BUY NOW

4. OEM42L Gym Bag, P757.12                                    BUY NOW

5. MisFitFitness Tracker, P4,084.00                            BUY NOW

6. OEMFItness Skipping Rope, P320.00                    BUY NOW

7. PAlight, Yoga Mat Carrier, P645.00                          BUY NOW

8. OEMPortable Juice Blender, P1,685.30                BUY NOW

Be supportive and give them something that is of use in their fitness regimens. 

These women has an extreme desire to travel, and there are two types of travelers, the adventure type and the Jetsetter. The adventurer are those who are not afraid to get down and dirty, stuff like camping, hiking, rock climbing, beach bumming, backpacking, etc are their thing, while the jetsetters are those who travel in style and can be a bit extra at times, city tours, international shopping, OOTD posing, food tripping are their thing.

1. SunshopSequin-like Purse, P578.00                         BUY NOW

2. OEMSuitcase Protective Cover L, P1,016.54           BUY NOW

3. CassioG-Shock Women Mint Green, P6,370.00        BUY NOW

4. OEMNautical Beach Bag, P389.00                             BUY NOW

5. CurtsyBucketlist Notebook, P799.00                          BUY NOW

6. KulturaPhilippines Scratch Map, P200.00                  OUT OF STOCK
Substitute: Philippine Scratch Map, P699 (here)

7. Jeebel, Round Beach Mat, P467.34                               BUY NOW

8. OEMTransparent Travel Tote, P688.00                        BUY NOW

Qualify first if she's an adventurer, or a jetsetter. Now pick something that could be essential in her travels. Keep it compact and less bulky as possible, as packing right is a priority for them, bag organizers is an example of a great gift to give these women.

These are the girls who never takes life seriously and their lives are a huge ball of fun. Having a fun time all day everyday is their only priority.  When they party they also want to look the part, and look extremely gorgeous specially when they're with their girlfriends. They are highly sociable, outgoing, open minded and liberal.

1. Urban Decay, Naked Eyeshadow Palette, P3,395.00          BUY NOW

2. NiceMakeUp and Nail Polish Palette Mixer, P2,370.00     BUY NOW

3. PeakabooGeometric Specs, P491.39                                  BUY NOW

4. OEMLed Makeup Mirror, P817.00                                       BUY NOW

5. WisebuyGlittered Whisky Flask, P462.00                           BUY NOW

6. SnGGeometric Wallet, P1,367.00                                        BUY NOW

7. BaileysBailey's Irish Cream, P1,199.00                               BUY NOW

8. Tequila RoseTequila Rose w/ Shot Glass, P969.00            BUY NOW

Anything that sparkles work. For clothing and accessories, get them something edgy, either in metalic, dark colors, or bold ones. Light up make up mirror is a huge help especially for a night out, just make sure your gift is durable enough to withstand excessive dancing on the dance floor and a drunken fit.

Thank you so much for sticking with me through the end, this is probably the most effortful article I've ever written, but there are more where that came from this December. Check out GIFT IDEAS FOR MEN


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