DIY Photo Wall Art

January 26, 2018

I saw one just like it on Instagram and I instantly love it, it's simple, modern, and chic and it goes with anything. I have this bare wall in my room which this Photo Mobile would be perfect for, so I decided to make one.

  • Thread
  • A stick
  • Spray Paint (Optional)
  • Printed Photos
  • Board Papers
  • Glue Gun

Step 1: Print and cut your photos into equal square shapes. Just like instagram it's better if you use 1 single editing style or filter. I want to keep things a bit monochromatic in my room so I printed it B&W

Step 2: Cut out triangle shapes or any shape you'd like to have at the end of each mobile, I'm choosing to stay true to the original photo I saw and use triangle shapes.

Tip: Make sure the sides of your triangle is equal to the sides your square photos

Step 3: Cover it with contact paper or you may print the pattern on the board paper itself

Step 4: Wipe your stick with damped cloth and let it dry, once dry, paint the whole thing, set it aside and let it dry

Step 5: While the stick is drying, you may continue assembling your mobile, use your thread and attach it to your triangles, I included a one peso coin at the back as added weight. (without the added weight, your thread will look loose and unpolished.)

Tip: leave a uniform distance between the photos, I used 2inches in between each photos

Step 6: Tie a long string that will be used to hang the mobile on both ends of the stick, and tie all the mobile photos on the stick, I used a 10inch distance from each mobile. 


I basically spent nothing to create this DIY, since I already have all the materials on stock, but for the sake of those who still has to go to the specialty store to get some here's the breakdown

Thread (any craft store)                      30php/spool
Spray Paint (any hardware store)      70php
Photo Paper (any craft store)           100php
Board Paper (any craft store)             53php
Contact Paper (Daiso)                       88php

TOTAL:                                              252php

Well there's not much to talk about, it's a simple and easy project that looks superhip, pinterest-y and elegant. 

Thank you so much for sticking with me till the end, I love to challenge so much, I'd love to do it again, and I'm currently redecorating my room/home office so there sure is plenty more to come. If you like this DIY make sure to visit my previous DIY Traveler's "I was here" corkboard


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