Got Jesus on My Necklace

January 28, 2012

 There have been some observations regarding the uncany frequency of me wearing either this huge cross necklace or a rossary necklace everytime I go out and party or just have a drink of alcohol 

Last January 28 2012, Me together with my friends Kissarine Maranon, Ken Simon, and Sheron Rosero were planning to go to the University of Santo Thomas for the 40k record thingy which we thought outsiders will be allowed in. When we got there the guards wont let us in, which bumbed us out a little bit. So we just decided to meet up with our friends, Jocel Prado and Patrice Villaraza.  

 On our way home we all suddenly decided to go out and have some fun at some bar that's quite dear to us; The Getaway Bar!

Another reason why we went there is because of the performers. we came in at around 8pm and the performers will start at exactly 9pm, so while waiting for the performers we played a little game of "I Have Never" which revealed a lot! a lot more than one can handle.

When the performers arived we were kind of disapointed that the performers didn't know the songs we requested. so we just kept on talking and talking and drinking and talking and having fun as we usually do.

After a very very long night. some are drunk, some are tipsy, none are sober. So we went to Mcdonalds where I ACIDENTALLY shouted a foul word to someone I should not have any relations with but do. We ate a little bit and hanged out a little bit to sober up before we come home.

Me and my friends are very open to each other, I love opening up with them because opening up with them is like a time for all of us to be ourselves fully without the worry of being judged or the secrecy being broken.


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