Mench's Day

February 13, 2012

 Last Febuary 08 2011, One of my friends, Mench Bonifacio, Celebrated her 18th Birthday @ the Cabizerra Bistro. I went along with an entorage consisting of; Jocel Prado, Michael Gellegani, Ken Simon, Jego Ogues, Andy Vallejos, Kissarine Maranon.

When we arrived we immediately met with our high school friends, "BLIMPS", Christine Cruz, Jennica Ocampo, Jam Ganal, and Lady Bautista. It seems like an early high school reunion if I were to be asked.

The food was great but the venue or event's place is kind of jam packed.  There's a scarcity on tables chairs and well space. But all is well, all is good. We still had fun.  When it was time for the 18 shoots, which I am a part of, together with; Kenen, Jego, and Myko, The drink I had was divine, it was amazing, I would even describe it as "Heavenly"

After the debut, we went out to buy some booze,  and then went straight home to Michael's to have some drink and talk about everyday shits of our lives. But when we arived at Michael's place we kind of felt guilty about drinking since it's school night so we decided not to and just stay in bed and, well, talk about shits. But ofcourse temptation got the best of me so I had a little sip of alcohol before going to sleep.

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