Bagong Benilde Team Building

July 16, 2012

 My first ever Bagong Benilde Team Building Activity was life changing. We started of meeting at DLS-CSB for the van ride going to Majayjay Laguna where we encountered a douchebag driver who's more demanding than his clients (us). When we arrived at Harvee Chan's family resort, we felt so relaxed at the fresh air, beautiful sun, and the venue itself is quite relaxing. Harvee's grandma is very hospitable, she welcomes us full heartedly. We had alot of fun at the first day. That afternoon we had a little sharing, we update ourselves regarding each other's lives. Then Kuya JM and Ate Noia introduced to us this book entitled "Jose Rizal is My President" which contains tips on how to be a great leader. We tackled Kuya JM's top 10 Tips on being a good leader from the book and shared our experiences regarding each one. I can't remember them all exactly the only thing I can remember was the "Hold your Bonifacio" or something like that. This activity made us all real closer to each other because we somehow opened up ourselves to one another.
The next day we continued talking about the book and sharing experiences again. Then Kuya Raymond arrived. Later that day kuya raymond talked to us about being a leader. Then we had this like ceremony or whatever which is called "washing of the feet" or something like that. As Ate Noia washes our feet she gave each and every one of us a message which made almost everyone burst into tears and Kuya JM was apointed New Chairman of Bagong Benilde. After that we experienced some sort of "Supernatural Phenomena" It's hard to explain the happenings in type but it was really creepy. We all slept in one room that night with five beds combined, 17 people slept in various positions, we even looked like one of those tetris bricks cuz of it.

The following day we went on a roadtrip to a lake/river or whaterver at laguna, where we bond, eating, swimming, and singing karaoke. After the trip we returned back to the resort, packed our belongings and left.

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