VDMG Execom

July 17, 2012

VD Modeling Execom proves their right to be called as such. VDMG Executive Committee had it's first ever photoshoot. Alot of people had been impressed and amazed on how sucessful our organization can be at an early age of 16, VDMG is well known for its composition of young talented individuals who can keep up with the fast world of adults. For the concept of this shoot we decided to incorporate just that. We're all dressed in very formal corporate mafia like outfits used to signify our keeping up with the "Adult Trend" while holding one of our favorite toys to signify our being "Child at Heart"


Presenting The VDMG Executive Committee


Khloee Joshua Padilla

Kissarine Pauline Maranon
Vice President for Public Relations

Roxanne Alunan
Vice President for Membership and Development

Office of the Executive Secretary (OES)

Rafael Malitao
Executive Secretary

Edelle Villarey
Assistant Secretary

Monetary Compilation and Development Office (MCDO)

Ralph Kenen Simon
Finance Officer

Jocel Prado

Council for Internal Affairs (CIA)

Ma. Antonette Marquez
Council Head

MORE PICTURES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE and Details about the VD Modeling Group visit:

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