American Horror Story: Freak Show

September 08, 2014

Being an avid fan of this horror series since season 1 (Murder House) I'm excited to see what this season got in store for us. The fourth installment to the AHS Series is FREAK SHOW, It basically centers on the last Freak Show in the 1950's owned by a German ExPat which is played by non other than Ms. Lange. What's got me really interested is the set of characters and how they'll be able to play of each other, Hoping that it wouldn't be too ambitious, like AHS ASYLUM which literally featured everything which contributed to a sucky storyline. I'm expecting a superb storyline like that of Murder House, Creepy and disturbing imagery like that of ASYLUM, and the Gore of COVEN

So far they have released 8 teaser videos already, and have released their cast list, with a rumor of NPH, Lea Michele, and Matt Bomer joining the cast

This series will air on the 8th of October which is about a month from now. 

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