Majayjay 2014

September 01, 2014

Here's a Throwback post, so earlier this year we had our 3rd Annual Majayjay Teambuilding, Hosted by yours truly and Mavens. Unfortunately I didn't have actual photos because I was extremely busy the entire time so here's what happened..

First we had the first SIBOL AWARDS, an awards night dedicated to celebrate and commemorate the notable members of SINAG, Here are the winners
Best EXECOM Officer: Chrysie Palma
Best Supporting EXECOM Officer: Diolo Dorrendez
Best Maven: Dom Medado
Best Supporting Maven: Rod Zuleta
Best Candidate: Dana Juridico
Best Supporting Candidate: Alec Berame
Best Supporter: Bryan Santiago

Drama Queen: JC Jalbuna
Drama King: Alec Berame
Most Talented: Jemy Chua
Fashion Icon: Erika Mison
Friend of the Year: Kenzo Uang

Special Awards
(Sorry I forgot the first ones)
John Mark Salvador Award: Dana Juridico
Khloee Joshua Padilla Award: Alex Panaguiton
Lifetime Achievement Award: Aster Carillo

And to my surprise I was given a  "Best Chairman" award from SINAG :)))

SINAG PROM is also one of SINAG's firsts, It didn't go as well as we had planed but shall I say the venue and the food are exquisite (of course we prepared them ourselves)

Fashion Icon: Bryan Santiago
Best Couple: Johj Munsayac and Aaron Clarin
Prom King: Dustin Cortez
Prom Queen: Carla Bernabe

Unlike SIBOL and OHANA, this is not a first for Sinag, The first one being tittled CORPS DE ESPIRITU. Here we had four tribes, BALANAK, CORALAO, GAGALOT, and SUBA all based on Majayjay's ancient barangays. Everyone rose to the occassion and has proven their capability to work as a team.

Unfortunately like any other cheesy movie, EVERYONE WAS A WINNER! when we made all tribes vote as to who they'd prefer to win, they all voted one another

So that's all I can remember. till the next throwback post ;)

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