24hrs China Shopping Trip

December 05, 2014

I sort of have this tradition with other countries where I only stay there for less than 24 hours. Of course someday I'm planning on breaking the tradition, but for now here's my 24hrs China Shopping Trip Experience.

Here we are at the airport waiting for our flight to Guanzhou China

Here's a selfie with my sister on the way to the hotel

Some legit chinese food, unfortunately I was not able to take notes of the names and ingredients of the dishes but one thing's for sure, IT WAS DIVINE 

BTW this was way back in July 12, 2014 exactly my sister's 22nd birthday, we explored downtown and spent the entire day shopping

I have to say it's much like a cleaner more organized version of divisoria with super cheap (way cheaper than divi, IF you know how to haggle) I was able to buy bags for only 20Yuan, and clothes for about 50Yuan

We seized the day with a stroll around downtown's restaurant and nightlife district, and celebrated my sister's birthday at this super crowded restaurant with real nice food, and service, (Thanks to our "sponsor" who has been so kind to us since we arrived)

Happy Birthday sis LOL

I went back to the Philippines earlier before they did because I have a lot of un finished business back in the Philippines. Bottomline, I recomend traveling here if you love cheap finds, fashion and can walk and stand for a very long time.

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