Choco-Late de Batirol, Feed Our Soul!

May 22, 2017

I’ve been to Choco-late de Batirol a couple times before, and It’s by far my favorite cafe in Baguio, not only is it a smooth break from the chaos that is Baguio City, you get to immerse yourself with the culture that is truly Ilocano. Choco-late de Batirol is the hidden gem, perfectly located inside Burnham Park. 

For those who are wondering, “Batirol” is a wooden whisk that looks a lot like a mace which they use to blend their drinks together. Anyway let’s get on with the review.

They serve high quality coffee and hot chocolate made from scratch and pure unadulterated cocoa, or coffee beans. their merienda’s and pastries are a sure hit to everyone who loves the classic filipino mirienda cuisine. 

A must try is their traditional blend tsokolate drink, the flavor just explodes and tickles your taste buds. They also have other variants that are also just as good, like the Baguio Tsokolate which is infused with strawberry and the Tsokolate and Mint which you guessed, had mint in it hahaha.

I also tried their chocobanana once it was good also, I’m just so happy they did not used artificial flavoring which was AWSM cuz they’re sticking to their guns of keeping everything organic and fresh.

As far as their merienda food is concerned, I would recommend the Suman sa Lihia and the Turron de Lanka which I believe are their best sellers.

Choco-late de Batirol sits inside Burnham Park, the Cafe itself is surrounded by flauras and lots of trees which is contrary to the pollution and traffic the city has to offer. I would suggest having breakfast here or merienda after a long city tour. 

They have semi-indoor dining, private dining kubos and al fresco dining. THe Cafe itself is very eco friendly, they allow pets at the al fresco areas too. I just love how earthy and ethnic the design is of Choco-late de Batirol.

Ok so I honestly don’t know how to grade the staff here, when we first went here, the place just opened and we’re the only people around so the service was quick, however on our second visit there the cafe was packed, so we patiently waited for our seat and the staff were reasonably queuing  everyone who’s in line based on the number of guests. 

We were sat at the al fresco area eventhough our group can’t even fit in the table but we didn’t mind it then since we were there only for hot coco. See I do understand that since there are a lot of people currently dinning that the staff are kinda busy, but what I do not understand is how obviously they were trying to evade our call for service, there were two male servers then which saw our hands raised up, and they intentionaly looked the other way, when we managed to get the attention of one server, he signed and told us “wait lang po” so we patiently waited for about 20mins, and yet no one came

so I decided to just approach one of the server to accompany me to the table so he can get our orders. Bottomline our short trip to the Cafe turned into hours (We came in and the sun was out, we left during night-time, simply because of the awful service we experienced that specific afternoon. 

Although again I’m trying to be a bit considerate that maybe the huge some of diners overwhelmed the staff so I’m just going to ignore the last service we had with them

I’m giving Chocolate de Batirol a 4/5, I love what they stand for, the food and the ambiance was great, although I wish the servers was trained to handle such situations wherein their cafe is packed or at least add more servers so that the servers won’t get stressed and cranky ignoring other diners  

Choco-late de Batirol 
Igorot Park, Camp John Hay, Baguio City

M-Su: 8AM-10PM


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