Clothes and Dreams

May 05, 2017

They say "DRESS THE PART YOU'D LIKE TO LIVE"It's a simple sentence or quote which ever way you'd like to call it, but it packs a ton. Here's what people need to understand, your personality is always emanated by what you are wearing, it shows what kind of person you are and what you want to be. Which I clearly dont understand why some people who's in an industry where formality is essential often aims to wear clothing that says otherwise

I dream of someday becoming a successful lawyer and to be able to live by my own means the lifestyle, my parents gave me and more. I want to be perceived as a person who means business when we talk business and can easily loosen up when going to parties.

Normally my style is not this exquisite, Im more of a comfy guy who wears comfortable clothes, but I make it a point that I'm always prepared for anything, whether it is a random business meeting or a rave party, I make sure that my clothing for the day can witstand all of that, because that's the life Im living and want to live for the rest of my life, a life full of random spontaneous adventures and first impressions.

I don't often follow fads or current trends, if I would describe my looks, I would have to describe it as "grundgy preppy" two extremely different styles that with the perfect pairing looks absolutely amazing. It resembles my personality and how I'm a mixture of two extremes.


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