Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, A Blast from the Colonial Past

May 16, 2017

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is place where you get a blast from the past, 18th century Philippines to be exact. It's architechtural pieces are garnered from different parts of the country, transfered and reconstructed, brick by boring brick. It's basically a village of cobblestone street and noble-class mansions of the hispanic colonization era. It is truly a one of kind resort that is a marvelous living museum of philippine heritage.

 The resort boasts of luxurious accommodations and facilities, that we are blessed to have experienced for two nights and three days. It has a private beach, pools, top class restaurants, cafes, and bar. And entertainment lacking they are not, they usually have performances on the plaza area or the hotel where the staff performs eclectic native dances. 

"José "Gerry" Acuzar, owner of New San Jose Builders started to rebuild Spanish mansions in Bagac in 2003. Each was dismantled brick by brick, numbered, transported to his property in Bagac, reassembled in the same order, and restored. Houses were chosen based on their historical, cultural and architectural value. Acuzar bought houses that were in a state of neglect, from the owners, and in some cases also purchased the lot where the mansions stood. The bahay na bato (Tagalog, literally meaning stone houses) which have stone foundations on the first floor and are made of wood on the second floor (constructed to withstand earthquakes), were transplanted from Manila (Tondo, Binondo and Quiapo), Quezon City, Bulacan, Pampanga, La Union, the Ilocos and Cagayan."
-Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar's Official Website

 "As a resort in Bataan that fuses Filipino and European culture to create a concept that’s one of a kind, Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar lets you indulge in great cuisines from three of its Restaurants"

And now on to our experience. We went here twice so this is like a merger of what happened during those trips. We were given two rooms with a private pool in the middle which was awesome since the pool, though gorgeous, is quite crowded at the time. so we started our trip by dipping in the private pool.

Disclaimer: Call the admin first before bringing your pet, I believe they no longer allow pets inside

Left to right: Jeff (my partner), Me, and Jean (My sister)

As their pool is magnificent, and the number of people in the pool decreased we decided to just go there anyway and see what it's like. much to our delight, it was clean and well maintained which was perfect since my family is very nit-picky with tidiness 

For lunch we ate at Hotel de Oriente, which serves buffet lunch, the choices of food were quite limited but it was so good, at our second trip we also had lunch there but did ala carte since we didnt reach the buffet hours for lunch, but it was still delicious

Don't get me started on their complimentary breakfast buffet, it was sooo good, if you know me, you'd know how much I love breakfast food, and Las Casas' Hotel de Oriente did not disappoint

It rained during our first stay so we strolled around with an umbrella, If you're planning a day trip tour don't fret they give away this plastic ponchos so that your OOTD's wont get wet

At night we had dinner at La Bella Teodora which offers authentic Italian cuisine. It is said that the La Bella Teodora house was formerly owned by Teodora Alonzo. Their food was quite pricey but it was exquisite, we ordered a lot of pasta, pizza, and risotto which are to die for. Unfortunately I was not able to take any photos as I left my camera and phone in our room

We also had cocktails by the riverbank courtesy of Cafe del Rio, It was sooo romantic by the way. The candle lighting, the string quartet serenading the night away, plus the gorgeous view, me and my partner could not ask for more.

Unfortunately, we wont be able to show pictures of the inside of our rooms as most pictures taken was so messy (cuz, Me and my partner are messy people and, we dont want to taint the good reputation of Las Casas by showing a messy room) but trust me when I say this, Their rooms are amazing, not to mention the bathroom, which was so fricking huge, again I didn't have pictures of the bathroom cuz explicit material. Anyway, for those who are planning to stay overnight I managed to ask for the room rates as of January 2017, basically it takes about 10,000php - 17,000php/per night to stay in one of their rooms and 20,000php-150,000php to stay in a private mansion per night

If your planing a day tour, I believe their current rate is at 1,500php per person which includes a tour at the entire resort.

Overall it was such a good experience, you'll definitely feel like you went into the past through a time machine, a past where there's wifi, cable tv, cameras, and cocktails (I can't complain hahaha). They surely are pricey but they're worth every penny and the staff their will see to it that you enjoy your stay.

Here are their contact details:
Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar
Brgy. Ibaba, Bagac, Bataan
2107, Philippines
Landline: (+632) 332-5286 (+632) 877-4501 (+632) 332-5338 (+632) 355-3032
Mobile: 0917-872-9361
Front Desk Mobile: 0917-537-8418 (Sundays & Holidays only)
E-mail addresses:
Pampanga Office:
Landline: (045) 300-3265, (045) 300-3272
Mobile: 0927-843-5449 (Roanne C. Palad), 0956-506-8939 (Ezeel Maan Cruz)
Email addresses:

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