Philippine's First Ever Sunflower Maze

May 02, 2017

Now I'm not one to follow fads or trends specially on facebook, where things get overhyped, where people would go to such lengths just to "belong," and where nothing is ever what it seems. but giving in to the insistance of my dear friends, we went to check out this Sunflower Maze in Pangasinan

Now traveling there is not easy, luckily we were already staying at my grandparent's home in Manaoag which cuts of the travel time greatly, as compared to traveling all the way from quezon city. It took us about an hour to find this place since most locals there didn't know where it was, there was a lack of signages, and either waze nor google maps was unhelpful.

upon reaching the destination whe had to park at the parking lot that's about 300meters away from the actual maze, in this blazing heat.

The entrance fee then I believe was only 150php (if my memory serves me correctly) but I do see recent updates where they keep increasing and increasing the entrance fee. At first we were a bit disappointed with the maze, simply because some flowers have already withered down, and some didn't even had petals on it, I guess maybe it's caused by the travelers umbrella constantly hitting the flowers, We had umbrellas because it was so hot, but we were very careful not to hit the flowers.

And boy the maze, the maze, the maze, the maze. hahahaha The maze was sooo tough, I'm not complaining, We actually had fun looking for our way into the vegetable garden, and for our way out of the maze. There were a lot of dead ends (that is perfect for picture taking for the lack of photobombers thereof) we just ended up trying to retrace our steps, crossing over places we were not suppose to cross (don't worry no plants were harmed)

They also had various flauras in the whole park which contrasts so well with the deep shade of yellow the sunflower has to offer.

they also have a vegetable garden and some corn maze going on out back, There still a huge area of land around the park that has been digged and I can't wait to see what comes up next.

The last tip I would probably give anyone who plans on going to the sunflowermaze is to prepare yourself for the extremely long off road travel. FOR DRIVERS: The off road trails can fit only one car at a time, so make sure that you're entering the right road, cuz there are two roads connected to this place, one is for the entrance and one is for the exit, when we were there, there was this douche guy in a green adventure, who came through the exit road, and caused all kinds of inconvenience to everyone trying to exit, and he refused to push his car further to the side, and even got mad. ALSO, the exit road has a very small bridge that can't entirely fit my dear Elmo (my car) so for those of you who would not want to risk it, park your car someplace else and rent a trike 

We did enjoy it at the end of the day, we had gorgeous pictures, had a lot of laughs, and had the ultimate bonding of the year, I could not ask for any better company than the people who's very dear to me.

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