Sungayan Grill - Floating Restaurant Experience

May 11, 2017

Have you ever wondered how it is to cruise around the river while having a boodle fight with your friends? Sungayan Grill has got just that! In the celebration of my dear friends Kissa and Michael's second anniversary they treated us at Sungayan Grill which boasts not only scrumptious food but also  a cruise tour on a balsa down the river and back. It’s located in Balingasay, Bolinao, Pangasinan

Sungayan grill caters mostly seafood and filipino cuisine, which are good by the way, amidst many bad reviews online, the food they served us was cooked just right.

The lovely couple ordered a boodle platter that’s good for 14people (oh so the restaurant claims) much to our dismay was only good for, I believe 7 people? hahahaha (we are such heavy eaters) but back then we didn’t know that the serving was that small since most of the pictures look big, should we have known then we could have ordered two platters. Don’t get me wrong the food was delicious but the serving was ample, which is so disappointing because they paid 2,200php for that platter and it wasn’t enough for 14 people

The Experience

If you want to hop in the balsa while dining, there’s a cruise fee of 1,500php which is quite fair, I think, the balsa will give you a scenic tour of the river bank while you dig in to what you ordered, It lasts about an hour or so. It’s quite pricey but it’s an experience you will never forget

Tip: go during the sunset hours to maximize the gorgeousness of the view, don’t go cruising on a night time, cuz I honestly think that would be so creepy as hell. Our hosts were smart, they specifically timed for us to go to the river at 3pm which was perfect we got to almost see the sunset and our photos were gorgeous (due to sunset lightings)

all in all it was a great scenic dinning experience. You basically go there for the experience rather than the food hahaha. I give this restaurant a rating of 3/5 mostly because of the experience


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