Top 5 Must Try Baguio Food for Travelers

May 26, 2017

Baguio is well known not only for the cold climate but also for their delicious cuisines, and fine restaurants. To everyone out there who are planning a trip to baguio, feel free to add these affordable yet flavorful food to your checklist, as you would never want to leave Baguio without tasting these delicious food that is truly baguio. 

Here are my personal Top 5 Must Try Baguio Food for Travelers:

5. Strawberry Sorbetes, Street Food

Who doesn't like ice cream? or better yet, who doesn't like sorbetes? No one of course, well baguio has some of the most authentic strawberry ice cream there is, of course some had artificial flavoring but if you search thoroughly you'd find a sorbetes that is truly authentic strawberry sorbetes, you can find them at any tourist hotspot, we found ours at Diplomat Hotel

4. Strawberry Taho, Street Food

Baguio has two unique flavors of taho, one is ube, and the other one strawberry, and I'm loving the latter more. Like the strawberry sorbetes, strawberry taho has a lot of fake artificially flavored taho vendors out there, the tip of distinguishing the artificially flavored from the authentic one is through the color, authentic strawberry taho has a darker "coke-like" color with huge chunks of strawberry that is so delish!

3. Classic Tsokolate, Cafe Choco-late de Batirol

Their traditional blend tsokolate drink, the flavor just explodes and tickles your taste buds. They also have other variants that are also just as good, like the Baguio Tsokolate which is infused with strawberry and the Tsokolate and Mint which you guessed, had mint in it hahaha.

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2. Strawberry Cake, Visco's 

While there are many strawberry cakes available in Baguio, Visco's is my all time favorite seller of these awesome strawberry cakes. The thing with this however, is how easily they run out of stock because of how a lot of people are really loving this. It's perfect, the cake is moist and springy, the boiled icing is perfect and the strawberries on top is absolutely delicious and well picked. They have everything I want in a cake, a good ratio of icing and cake, not too sweet, and some fruits infused. 

1. Snow Cake, Tea House Restaurant and Bakeshop
Snow Cake Photo Crtsy of: Don Vergara frm Pinterest

Now don't get me wrong Tea House Restaurant and Bakeshop has a lot, and I do mean a lot of delicious pastries and treats, but nothing beats their classic snow cake. The fluffy marshmallow frosting is laid down generously around the moist chocolate cake, it's not too sweet nor too heavy and is absolutely perfect how the flavors jive with one another.

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