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May 09, 2017

My dear friends, Kissarine and Michael, following their fresh tradition of celebrating their anniversary with all of their friends, hooked us up with a trip to Bolinao.

Let's start with the road trip first, we had a convoy of three cars, a Pajero, a Fortuner and my dear Elmo (Ranger), However since the people riding on my truck (now referred to as the Pink Team) loves stop-overs we often times do stop at gasoline stations just to drink coffee play pusoy, make gossip, among many things we do during our stop overs. and the other cars are not a fan of stop overs so we drove at our own phase. I was the only driver in my truck so stop overs benefit me a lot. not only do I get to rest a little bit but it actually makes the trip FEEL a lot shorter than it actually is. (It takes about 7hrs from QC to Bolinao, but we rode for about 9hrs because of all the stop overs)

I love the Pink Team, and their efforts to keep me awake, hahaha, we had so much fun in the car alone that when we were nearing our destination, we got so bangag that we would end up laughing at a simple word, or action

Anyway let's get on what you actually came here for. OUR BOLINAO EXPERIENCE

We stayed at a resort in Patar Beach, the beach was so good with the white sand, clear waters, and all. but be very careful with sea urchins as they pricked one of us. It was a lot of fun, although for the most part we spent the whole afternoon taking pictures than swimming cuz it was so hot plus we got scared of the sea urchins (They are poisonous btw)

Now the resort, We stayed at the Casa Carolina (Thanks for having us), at first we had a little mis-understanding with the care-taker of the resort because of the miscommunication between him and his social media agent. We contacted the resort through social media, and what has been said to us by the handler of their social media account was different from what the care-taker was saying.

All in all the resort was quite good facility-wise. the rooms and bathroom was clean, each room comes with a balcony so that's awesome, PLUS they are pet friendly. However I couldn't say the same about the locals

There was this sari-sari store nearby which sells a tiny bottle of water whose prices go up and down depending on who's buying, when we first bought one it was 10php each then it went to 20php, then back at 10php again, then 20php again

Also NEVER ride the tricycles if you're not a local there, THEY WERE SO OVER-PRICED, probably because they knew we were dayuhans.  Luckily me and one of my friends know how to speak ilocano, we immediately understood that they were planning to fare us 400php for a tricycle ride of not more than 2km from resort to the Sungayan Grill (Check out our Sungayan Grill Experience and Review) So we decided to just bring Elmo (my truck) instead and managed to fit in 15 people in a 5 seater car (although majority of course rode at the back of the truck) and speaking ilocano in an ilocano speaking place pays of they somehow give us the actual price instead of the "scam the traveler" price

the anniversary celebrating couple and our little side trip to the patar beach light house

My hubby and my baby

Negativities aside, what's important here is that we had a lot of fun in the company of one another and that's all that matters, every trip has it's ups and downs, negatives (mostly because of the locals who milks money from travelers) and positives, it's up to us to turn the other cheek, and look at all the good things, apreciate what nature has to offer, and enjoy the company of your peers. It's not that hard once you learn to let go of your control and just run freely.


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