That Night Trip in Tagaytay (On a Budget)

June 25, 2017

With only 500php each in our pockets we left the busy world of the Metro and went to Tagaytay for some much needed relaxing and fun trip in a place of cold climate. We planned the trip ahead, however circumstances (south traffic) led us to arrive in Tagaytay at a quarter to 10 in the evening, Having most of the itineraries planned already closed we decided to just go with the flow and rode around to find a place of solitude that suits our budget.

When we arrived, it was far from the cold temperature that we wanted so we immediately scrapped the idea of eating Bulalo but instead opted for a simple rice meal within our budget then we found Java Jazz Cafe…

The food at Java Jazz Cafe is so affordable and budget friendly. We did not expect much given the prices they had, the taste is typical and the serving is ample, here you get what you paid for. 

We ordered the following:

Beef in Teriyaki Sauce (119php) , Laing sa Gata with Pan Fried Fish Fillet (119php), Pan Fried Fish Fillet in White Sauce (119php), Tuna and Pesto Pasta (109php)

Seafood Pancit (169php), Pinoy Bistek (119php), Pork in Pina Sauce (119php), Creamy Chicken Curry (119php)

The ambiance is awesome it’s very reminiscent of those artsy cabins in Baguio, the place is very homey with lots of paintings all around, as Java Jazz Cafe is an art gallery, cafe, and lodging house all in the same. 

Java Jazz Cafe
442 Tagaytay - Calamba Road, Sungay West, Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines
Tel. No. (046)860269

After having our hunger satisfied we looked around for a chill spot where we can have awesome BFFs conversations probably over a cup of coffee. Not wanting to go to Starbucks (cuz we just had one before traveling) we ended up in Bag of Beans

Bag Of Beans has 4 branches in Tagaytay, Charito, Athena, Main Branch, and the Twin Lakes Branch. We were at the Athena Branch.

To those who have been to Bag of Beans already you’ll probably relate to what I’m saying, the ambiance is absolutely exquisite. It’s got that mediterranean, country home, victorianesque vibe to it. It’s perfect for any occasion. The drinks are absolutely amazing, and the raisin bread is absolutely scrumptious, so much so that it can rival that of Baguio’s Country Club raisin bread

Raisin Bread (185php), Caramel Machiato (130php), Iced Cafe Mocha (130php),  Coffee Choco Banana Frost (170php) Frozen Chocolate (135php), House Blend Coffee (130php)

One thing that set me off during our dining there was the staff, I asked if we can sit at the lower terrace cuz of the view and one waiter gave us the go signal and said yes while the other staff said “Hindi na pwede sarado na” in an agitated manner, only to have guest who came in later than us sit there. Also there was this thing at the restroom when my partner used the restroom the Janitor bangs on the door asking him to leave as she wants to clean the bathroom, well clearly my partner was still using it and there were no signs or what not to say that the restroom was closed or under cleaning at the time.

However, what we all do best is turning the other cheek and turning things around from a horrible situation into an awesome one, we had had alot of fun conversing the night away not even realizing the time that’s gone by. 

Bag of Beans Cafe (Athena Branch)
Aguinaldo Highwy Silang Junction East, Tagaytay

Tagaytay is a special place for it's spectacular view, and awesome restos, cafes, bars, and recreational attractions. It's a place for those who are out for a fun time with friends and/or family or a romantic "sweep you off your feet" kind of date with your partner. 

Having the best peeps with you is a foolproof way of having an awesome experience in any place. Tagaytay is definitely the perfect and easiest “Get out of the Metro” trip anyone can do, not only does it cater to various bracket of budget, it does so in a way that will not make you feel deprived or limited. We had a budget of P3,000 for the 6 of us but ended up spending less. heres the breakdown of our expenses


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