Blake's Wings and Steaks Review

June 10, 2017

Breaking our Tomas Morato dning streak we decided to go to Katipunan for a much needed steak fix from the well known Blake's Wings and Steaks. Blake’s, accodring to their website, is a "casual dining restaurant that guards a secret: there is a formula to the quality, quantity and the kind of service we have. A method so down-pat, you'll find it hard to go looking somewhere else. We at Blake's are proud to offer hearty food in hefty portions and eager servers that just can't wait to walk you through this singular dining experience.” and we are sold!

Now here’s a tip for everyone, whenever I go visit a restaurant, I always see to it that I book a table to refrain from the hassle of waiting to be seated. 

Luckily we did just that when we went to Blake’s, cuz trust me this resto is always full, and has long queue to be seated. We booked a table via Booky, which at the time had a 500php off discount for Blake's and  is the easiest way to book tables.

All you need is your phone and visit their website or download their app (Iphone, android), log in using your fb account and bam! you’ll have access to thousands of restos all around the Philippines, where you’ll be able to book tables, check out their menu, get discounts on selected restos, among others. Not to mention their blog that is oh so helpful in deciding where to dine. Try it out fellas.

Going back to the Review…

Kani-Mango Salad (215php)
Shredded crabsticks and green vegetables tossed in our own organic balsamic vinegar

Usually when I order salad with fruits and vinaigrette dressing, I always expect that the sweetness of the fruit would compliment the sourness of the vinaigrette, here it is not the case. While I love the vinaigrette dressing, it’s way to overpowering and the mango (in it’s ample amount) did not compliment the vinegar. HOWEVER the fresh greens and the shredded crabsticks tasted so good.

Chicken Alfredo (250php)
Fettuccine pasta topped with our special alfredo sauce served with generous cuts of chicken fillet

This split the table and was up for debate during our dining, some of us loved it, some did not. to be able to come up with an honest review let me give you both sides

Those who loved it says: It has that smokey taste that we love
Those who hated it says: It lacks seasoning and it tasted kinda bland

Spaghetti with Dried Tuyo in Olive Oil (250php)
Tuyo flakes fried in olive oil and served over spaghetti noodles

At first I did not like how the pasta is so bland and lacked seasoning, but thinking back, maybe that's what they have intended to do, to balance the taste of the pasta and the saltiness of the tuyo at the expense of the pasta tasting rather bland. however I do think that the pasta should be able to stand on it’s own, maybe adding more basil or dried tomatoes would definitely make this dish more special.

Blake'd Mussels (230php)
Fresh mussels seasoned with Blake's special spices, baked and served in shells

I love seafood, and thank god Blake’s did justice to their Blake’d Mussels, This one’s super addicting like seriously addicting, the melted cheese's flavor is subtle and not at all salty which I love, the mussel is baked to perfection. Although I wish they could have platted it better (cuz for me the presentation is just as important as the taste) All in all everyone in our table loved this dish.

Buffalo (215php)
Battered, deep-fried chicken wings seasoned with Blake’s special sauce and spices

We ordered this one with the bleu cheese dip, while the dip and coating was commendable, the wings are very hardy and not at all tender, we did not end up finishing it all because it was too hard to eat.

T-Bone Steak (250php)
Served with mashed potato and corn and carrots

You know how hard it is to find a perfectly cooked steak that’s tender and juicy, well Blake’s did not disappoint when it comes to their steak, It’s perfectly cooked, quite salty but the gravy helps, the mash potato tasted so good. I give the T-bone steak a thumbs up!

Salpicao (250php)
Tender meat cuts in rich sauce made from garlic Worcestershire sauce, served with steamed rice

Most of you have probably seen Salpicao several times in my blog before and you’re probably wondering why, and it’s simple, my friends are addicted to Salpicao for reasons I do not understand. HOWEVER Blake’s Salpicao is probably the best Salpicao I have ever tasted. it’s juicy and tender, the garlic flavor is not too strong, and it’s seasoned perfectly. the only downside I can possibly think of with this dish is that the serving is small.

Honey-Glazed Porkchop (250php)
Two pieces honey-glazed porkchop, served with your choice of plain, garlic or java rice

Oh god this one’s my favorite out of all the dishes we tasted, It’s both sweet and savory which I like, I love how the sweetness compliments the savory flavor of the sauce, the pork is very tender and easy to chew while the sauce is just perfection. Matched and eaten with java rice, it’s the best.

Molten Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

One word….. HEAVEN! the cake is moist and so fluffy, it’s served hot with vanila ice cream on top drizzled with chocolate syrup. this was definitely the best way to end our dining.

The staff are awesome, very accomodating and hospitable. The guards alone are very caring, it was raining hard when we went to blake’s and we were already dining when I went out to get something from the car, the guard opened his umbrella and I was like “it’s ok, I can run to the car and get my stuff then go back” and to my surprise he still followed me with the umbrella despite me running. 

The servers are very helpful which came as a surprise to me, cuz they were definitely under staffed but the staff managed to serve everyone at a reasonable phase and provided excellent service to every single table, considering that the resto was packed. (maybe their walkie-talkies are the secret to a well concerted service)

The place is huge and is styled as a modern rustic which embraces the rustic charm and warmth with modern amenities, they kept their pieces modern with the clean modern lines of the structure itself. They also have hanging vintage pans, chicken silhouette decals and a whole lot of wood fixtures. the color scheme is all natural colors with a sudden pop of orange

The place is perfect for family dining and yuppie friends casual dining, not so much with romantic dates. They have private dining areas available and the entire establishment is spacious and not at all prone to foot traffic.

The Food are a mixture of hits and misses, most definitely I can say that pasta are not their best suit, but their entrees are exquisite, I’m loving the staff, the styling of the ambiance is awesome so I’m giving this a 4/5, Mainly because we loved the entrees and dessert not to mention us leaving in a total food coma. Hahahaha

Blakes Wings and Steaks
186 Katipunan Avenue, Blue Ridge A, Quezon City, Blue Ridge, Quezon City
02 6352097


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