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July 25, 2017

For those who owns the app or regulars of their website probably knows that Booky is a top local food app that allow users to enjoy huge discounts and freebies at over 800 of Metro Manila's best restaurants. At heart, it is also a restaurant directory which lets food-lovers search the phone numbers, menus, and locations of over 16,000 restaurants. The app works completely offline—and without having to rely on internet, it's the fastest way to search any restaurant information you need in Metro Manila.

The man behind the Booky App, Filipino-British entrepreneur/CEO Ben Wintle, created the app as a response to the country's slow internet. He and his girlfriend, Iza Calzado, always have a hard time in finding restaurant information or book a table because it would always take forever for their LTE or 3G to load. The Booky App works offline, so you can browse the restaurants, their menu, and reserve a seat.

Today, the main goal of Booky is to not only be the fastest and most convenient way to search restaurant information, but to also provide food-lovers in the country with discounts and freebies that make dining a more enjoyable and memorable everyday experience.

Booky is one of the few food apps that is 100% locally made, thus it's tailor-fit for the Filipino market. Other apps have been established in different countries before and were brought into the PH, making use mostly of what's been standardized in their apps globally.

Because we're 100% local, they are able to easily provide solutions to local problems. One way we did this is by going offline to eliminate the need to rely on slow internet. It's also the biggest restaurant reservation platform in the country right now to provide discounts and freebies.

In the last couple of months, Booky officially launched their Buy One Get One (BOGO) coupons—where users can purchase a selected product and get the same one entirely for free at top restaurants like Auntie Anne's, Seattle's Best Coffee, Happy Lemon, and many more. This was a step for Booky to partner with restaurants that don't typically do reservations, such as cafes or quick-service establishments. We're currently focused on growing usage for this function, and so far it has proven to be a well-loved feature among our new and existing users.

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