Jelly's Haven Resort (Bantayan Island)

August 05, 2017

Me and my friends took a trip to Bantayan Island recently as organized by my dear friend Kissa. Upon arriving in Cebu we immediately headed out to Bantayan Island and into the resort she booked for us, Jelly's Haven Resort. 

At first glance I was like "oh another typical resort filled with typical resort stuff" but that thought was quickly eliminated the second we met the staff, and got into our room. Without further spoiling this article let me go into the details why we love this resort so much.

Jelly's Haven Resort is located at one of the most pristine beaches in the Philippines, Bantayan Island in Cebu. The view is absolutely magnificent and gives out that sort of relaxing vibe. 

The resort itself is very posh, there's a huge white dome surrounded by these artificial trees that lights up at night in the heart of the resort and they have these pastel colored umbrellas around, both of which makes the resort a bit whimsical and easy on the eyes. The place is so gorgeous we even wanted to stay there for the rest of the day and forget all that we had planned.

The cabana's and the lounge chairs are super well maintained and is always kept clean by the staff. Likewise you can really see the effort of the resort in maintaining the beach spotless and free of garbage and what not.

On the beach area they have a lot of white which for me looks so classy and elegant, unlike some resorts who opt for strong bold rainbowy colors that looks a bit to junior in today's standards.

You'll definitely feel very relaxed at this resort.

Upon checking in we were so amazed on how spacious the room is, we had a one bedroom suite with one queen size bed and two single bed. They decorated the queen size bed with petals of roses (which unfortunately I was not able to take a photo of)

The room was clean, everything is working, we could not complain about anything in their rooms. oh and did I mention they have a spacious bathroom with a heater and hair dryer? yeah I know, awesome right?

They have cable TV and a mini bar which contains very reasonably priced beverages that is unheard of in other hotels and resorts. Outside the room there's a small balcony where you can chill and enjoy the weather with your friends.

Outside our rooms is the resort's Bar and Restaurant which houses internationally branded product which I will talk about later on.

OMG this is my favorite part about the resort. Their staff! I love love love their staff. The staff here clearly takes care of their guests like VIP's. As a group of young adults I expected people would take advantage of us, by pricing us higher or asking for some magic invisible fees and what not, but here at Jelly's Haven we were very well taken cared of, from the moment we arrived till our departure of Bantayan Island the staff took care of us like seriously!

Sorry I don't have photos of the staff so here's random photos of the resort, that has no connection with the staff, so you wont get bored reading

When we arrived they offered us tours which was priced lower than we expected (based on other bloggers) the one in charge of cooking made sure everything in our tours was in order, that we get the best boat, the best tricycle, we visit the finest places etc.

 As we know very little about the Island, we then asked questions and they were happy to answer. When I asked "where can we buy danggit" the ate in charge of cooking asked our tour guide to bring us there, and give here what we bought so she can wrap it up so it won't smell when we got back to Cebu City.

Sorry I don't have photos of the staff so here's random photos of the resort, that has no connection with the staff, so you wont get bored reading

We were a messy bunch of kids, and we have made a mess here and there, (but we always clean up after ourselves, so don't judge hahaha) anyway we were cleaning the cabana we used and one of the staff approached us and said "no just leave it there, we'll take care of it" but we got ashamed of ourselves so we still cleaned it up.

Our tour to Virgin Island was around lunch time, so the staff organized and asked the boatman to cook us something for lunch, so we bought freshly caught fish from the sea and they took us to the market to buy whatever ingredient we want.

When the night fell, they called us up for dinner time and fixed our table, they were so kind and attentive and when we were not able to finish our food they told us that they'll bring it to our room so that we'll have sumsuman (bisaya of pulutan) for tonight. They even asked us what kind of drinks would we want and they'll bring them to our room in a large cooler

Morning comes and it was time to leave they offered to take us to the pier themselves

There's a simple explanation why I don't have photos of their food. It was sooo damn good I forgot that I was a blogger and that I needed to document the entire thing hahaha. So all I have are pictures of the mango shake and coffee.

Their food is so damn good, we had breakfast there for two consecutive days (yep it was that good.) come dinner time, we ordered sisig and tuna belly and they were the best tuna belly and sisig we've ever tasted and trust us when we say it's the best cuz we've tasted a bunch of these. 

  • Room and tent accommodations are inclusive of wifi use
  • Room accommodations include free breakfast for two
  • Rooms are fully airconditioned with cable tv, mini bar, and shower heater
  • Tent accommodations include free use of bathroom facilities
  • extra charge for early check ins

  • There’s no direct airway to Bantayan Island, the closest you can get is through Cebu, so if you’re not from Cebu, commercial airlines offer various trips going to Cebu. 
  • Once you’ve reached Mactan Airport, ride a cab or get an uber directly to the NORTH BUS STATION (this will cost around 130-200php depending on traffic). 
  • There, you’ll find a bus ready to leave for BANTAYAN ISLAND, last ride is at 12mn (this will cost you200php)  this will take around 3-4hrs depending on traffic.
  • About 80% of your bus trip, you’ll be asked to alight the bus to transfer to a ferry, don’t fret, It’s a normal process so you can pay the fees (160php for the ferry and 10php for environmental fee) and ride a ferry to Sta. Fe Port. 
  • Once there you will continue your trip to Bantayan Town proper. And you will be dropped of at said location, hail a trike and tell them to bring you to Jelly's Haven, this will cost 20php per person


  • People sometimes hire a private car or a cab to get to Bantayan Island, (Proceed at your own risk, some taxi drivers will keep on forcing the idea of hiring a cab and will ask you to pay around 1,000php to 2,000php and and will continue to ask you for extra charges)

It's easy to fall in love with Jelly's Haven. What sets them apart from other resorts we've been to are their quality service, and genuine concern for the welfare of their guests, making every guest feel like VIPs. Yes, it's a bit of a diamond in a rough with all the construction going on and the lack of in house activities and facilities, but I'm 100% sure that once everything the resort owner has envisioned is done, we'll have a resort that no other resort can compete with.

Jelly’s Haven Resort
C Batiancila St.Pooc Sta Fe Bantayan Island 
+639-954-539-075  09274402092


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