DIY! Traveler's Corkboard

September 14, 2017

Obviously we at Sky's Not The Limit loves to travel, and we wanted something to kinda help us keep track of where we've been as a couple. So here's a DIY Traveler's "I Was Here" Corkboard. This DIY is not limited only for those who travel but this can also be done by everyone who wants to spice up their old boring corkboard. It's a DIY perfect for students and employees alike.

As you can see from the photo above this is what a boring corkboard usually looks like (ah well duh!) It has no character, just a plain, brown, boring, corkboard and it's time to DIY and make this one look awesome with the help of my partner Jeff.

1. Acrylic paint of any color
2. Paint brush
3. Masking tape or regular tape if you don't have any
4. Travel photos
5. Map of the World or the Philippines
6. Pins
7. Other decorative stuff you'd like to incorporate

Step 1: Prepare all the materials needed

Step 2: Using your masking tape, create random lines inside your corkboard to get random geometric shapes. Here we used regular tape since I didn't have any masking tape in my home office at the time.

Step 3: Lightly paint inside the geometric sides you created using acrylic paint. You can get creative with more than just one color. Here we used blue and white as it matches my home office decor perfectly, and we left some parts bare.

Note: One coating of paint would be enough as double coating makes the corkboard harder to penetrate (that's what she said), but you can do whatever you wanna do

Note: If you messed up slightly, you can erase it off using damped cloth as acrylic paint is washable

Step 4: Gently remove the tapes to reveal those clean lines of painted areas

Note: If you used regular tape just like we did, make sure to remove it extra carefully as the tape can ruin your corkboard

Afterwards, you'll have something that looks like this

Step 5: Using the acrylic paint again, paint the frame according to your liking, here we used black acrylic paint.

Note: If you don't have a steady hand like Jeff, use masking tape around the entire corkboard area to refrain from getting the paint into your corkboard.

Once you're done you'll have something like this

Now here's the fun part...

Step 6: Pin all the pictures and what not to your corkboard. Here we printed out photos that's 4x4inches and left little white spaces below to make it look like instax photos. We even hanged keychain souvenirs from all our adventure on the board

Note: It's better to layout the whole board in a flat surface before pinning, that way you can avoid unwanted pinholes on your corkboard and your photos 

 Step 7: Place push pins to the places you've gone to. Here we've only placed pins on the places we've been to as a couple so regardless if one of us has already gone to bicol, or ilocos, if we're not together then, it's a no pin for us.

Note: We printed a blank map and inverted the color using photoshop to get this black blank map. Now, If you're wondering how we would know where to place the pins? It's simple we have an extra map to use as our guide

And you're done! Here's our finished product! We used "Was here" because we consider ourselves as one unit #Awww (look at me trying to pass off grammatical error using love! hahahaha) 

We placed random hashtags all over our board like #Fam #Squad #TravelGoals #Vacay to add more character to our traveler's corkboard

The cost of this is quite cheap, only under 500php (assuming you have zero stock materials in your home)

*Prices are rounded off

Corkboard (From National Bookstore)               300
Acrylic Paint (Any craft or hardware store)          65
Paint Brush (Any craft or hardware store)           14
Masking Tape (Any craft or hardware store)        20                 

  • If you're using an old corkboard make sure the surface is clean and dry before you start painting
  • Corkboards with wooden frames are cheaper than the ones with metal frame, also for those students renting out apartments, condos or dorm rooms, 2 command hooks are strong enough to support a corkboard with a wooden frame (If you don't know what command hooks are, these are hooks with double sided tapes that are easy to remove without damaging your wall paint, just make sure to follow all instructions at the back of the packaging)
  • If you don't want to pierce your photos you can use small binder clips and hang them on your push pins
  • Here's a SALE ALERT, as of the time being, somewhere hidden in the office supplies of National Bookstore are this office supply set that is filled with push pins, thumb tax, paper clips and binder clips all in gold for only 150php from it's old price of nearly 350php. They have that in blue, pink and green.

That's about it, I hope you all like this DIY, there's definitely more to come as I'm currently renovating my room/home office. 


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