Aquascape: Eco Saddle, There's Something For Everyone!

September 16, 2017

So my dad was back from his work abroad, and for a family bonding escapade, I recommended Eco Saddle because it has everything for everyone. Dad can fish, Mom can relax, and me, my partner and my sister can go enjoy the other activities.

I've seen various of reviews about this resort and mostly are positive so I was allured. My sister organized the whole shindig because me and jeff just recently came back from our trip to Cebu.

My oh my we are in love with Eco Saddle. Without further spoiling things let me get to the review.....

1. Floating Suite 

We stayed at a floating cabin when we had our trip to Eco Saddle and it was lovely. Not only is the cabin well maintained and furnished wholesomely, it literally looks like a wooden/ethnic yacht cabin. 

The main feature of this cabin is its ability to be set in the middle of the Caliraya Lake the whole day for people to be able to swim or fish (come night time the cabin is once again docked to the main island). There are two choices of cabins you can rent, the first one is good only for 4pax and the second and bigger one is good only for 6pax.

Both cabins has a bathroom, grill, and TV with local channels. Only the bigger one has a kitchen, bar, and party lights (which I’ll discuss later)

2 and 3. Villas

Villas are usually lake front, it features huge windows and a terrace for you to enjoy that lovely breeze. It’s clean with a very boho like decor.

4. Treehouse

The treehouse is located above adjacent to the villas. I didn’t see inside so I really cant say anything

Family Suite

I didn’t see what the family suite looks like so I really dont know how to review this

*Rates are down below
Rates sent to me by Eco Saddle

Their facilities are clean and well maintained. however when we visited the place, the jacuzzi was full of leaves and the water looks super dirty and that’s about it. all in all it was good.


Most people visit Caliraya Lake for water sports, but mainly for fishing. FIshing enthusiasts will trully love renting a floating cabin and just fish away. Though we didn’t have much luck in catching some in this resort, we were able to catch a lot from other parts of the lake before

Water Sports
The resort offers a lot of water sports that you can rent, but I’ll only feature the activities we’ve actually seen in action, as there are a lot of water sports equipment that are just dumped on the side


It comes free for those who have rented a floating cabin, this is best done in the morning or late afternoon to avoid extreme sunlight. If you’re not renting a floating cabin you can rent it out for only 300php/hr. they also have electric Kayaks for those who are lazy for 600php/hr

You can rent a jetskii there for a hefty price, and ride around the lake with it. That is worth 4,000php/hr

For those who just happens to have a need for speed you can rent a speedboat for 1,500php/15mins and ride along the lake in luxury

High-speed tubes
These are inflatables that are dragged around the lake by a jetskii and it’s worth 1000php/15 mins (most rides are 2-3 seaters but if you're a group, you can change the people who are riding for as long as it's 15 mins)

Land Sports

The resort also has off road vehicles to ride around their manmade track around an island not far away from the main island. You can rent out an ATV 600php/hr, or electric bike 400php/hr or a buggy car for 600php/hr that is sure to jump start an adrenaline rush. 

Eat Your Heart Out

There are no resto/market/grocery/stores nearby, so it is advised that you bring your own cold cuts to grill or bring your already cooked food with you. That being said, having no place to buy food should never stop anyone from pigging out while enjoying the majestic view of the Caliraya lake, all you need to do is be resourceful


There are plenty of relaxing places you can stay at the resort. Whether you’re into lounging on swings while reading a good book, or dipping into a warm jacuzzi or getting the skin of your feet eaten by fishes (in a therapeutic way of course) or when you’re like me who enjoys lounging and sipping wine while staring at the gorgeous scenery, Eco Saddle will not disappoint


You can relax all day and party all night at this resort! (You have to bring your own liquor of course) the resort has a karaoke room with lots and lots of party lights and a bar area for you to drink the night away. Some cabins like ours has party lights which you can turn on at night and party the night away.


The lake is clean and dense enough for everyone to swim on, although I cannot, in all certainty, guaranty that the lake is clean as there are a lot of animals around the lake, and with animals comes poop. However we didn't care cuz #Yolo so we swam anyway.

There are no shortage of excellent view at the resort. You get to watch the calm water of Caliraya Lake, enjoy the cold breeze, admire the aesthetics of the resort, ride their swings and just bask in the beauty of nature

You will definitely love the provincial aesthetics of the entire resort with a hint of Chinese sensibilities. All cabins are made of steel and  bamboo and are fully operational. During our stay there they're in the midst of building more buildings so that's definitely one to watch out for

The staff are very accommodating, from the time we arrived till the time we left they sure did take excellent care of us and made sure that we are able to maximize our stay and enjoy all the benefits they offered us. They are likewise very responsive to needs and are very very polite.

By commute:

  • From the Cubao Bus Terminal, take a bus going to Pagsawitan. This ride will take you about two to two-and-a-half hours. 
  • Then, at Pagsawitan terminal, take a 3- to 5- minute ride to a tricycle or a jeepney going to Lumot
  • From Lumot terminal, take a ride to a jeepney that going to Lewin for about half an hour.
  • From the place of Lewin, you then take a ride to a boat for about 2 to 3 minutes that bring you to one of a resort at Caliraya Lake.

By car:

Just Waze it ya goof! hahah no just kidding here you go,

Eastern route: In this route, you must take the Ortigas Avenue through the towns of Rizal and onward to the eastern towns of Laguna through the Laguna de Bay road network.
Southern route: In this particular route, the South Expressway is the main artery, with exits at San Pedro, Biñan, Sta Rosa, Cabuyao and Calamba in Laguna.
CALABARZON route: The highway system and well-developed road network of this region links the neighboring provinces with ease and convenience for tourism, trade and commerce.

I loved our stay at Eco Saddle, it does indeed bring family closer together as we finally had the opportunity to bond despite our busy busy lives over all the activities I listed above. 

It’s a great resort for family and friends alike as the resort offers a bunch of activities for everyone to enjoy, although the prices are not for  everyone it sure is worth it. So save money and visit Eco Saddle!


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